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University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

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University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

University of Wisconsin - Whitewater


My integrity is my most important asset and I maintain it by being action oriented. When I commit to something I take the responsibility to fulfill that commitment. I’ve adapted my leadership skills following Ken Blanchard’s Situational Leadership Model, customizing my style to meet the needs of the various members of the team. Depending on a person’s motivation and skill level, I flex my leadership style to include delegating, coaching, supporting and directing. I lead by example and with a sense of humor and I support fellow team members by holding them accountable while still showing care and concern. Comments from fellow team members regarding my working relationships can be seen in later sections of my resume. I also know how to be a good follower. I support the team by fulfilling my assigned role expeditiously and when called upon, by assisting others to fulfill their role. I’m the reliable “go to” person when something needs to be accomplished.

My pathway into higher education led me through managing hotels, restaurants and a country club. In 1997, I joined the North Dakota State College of Science (NDSCS) in Wahpeton, ND as the director of the self-operated dining services. In my five years at NDSCS I was also given responsibility for the mailroom and self-operated bookstore which we remodeled during my tenure. We also added the Nebraska WinPrism POS system on which I maintained a hands implementation plan. My total budgetary responsibilities were $4.5M.

After completing my master's degree in management, in November 2002 I accepted the position at UW-Whitewater as associate director of the University Center. My responsibilities included liaisonfor the food service contract, oversight of the ID card office and vending. Since that time I've earned the position of Executive Director of the University Center, putting all university center operations under my direction. I currently oversee the dining contract, ID card office, vending, room reservations, bowling center and small spirit shop located in our building. We recently completed a $20M renovation/new building project on our university center. My current operations consist of a budget of $13M.