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    Hi, We are a private school in Los Angeles (grades 7-12) and launching an entrepreneurship program. We're looking for suggestions on where to get guidance for our retail kiosk that will be student led including setting up procedures/manuals or even curriculum from a class. Any additional suggestions/resources for student run guidance would be ... Read More

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    Hi Joseph- Although here at UC Davis we're under the same department and division (Student Affairs), a few other UC campuses have bifurcated models with their ResLife/Education under Student Affairs and housing/dining under their administrative division: UCLA, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC San Diego. Please feel free to email me if you would like contact ... Read More

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    Cbord GET Food App

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    Good afternoon, We started using the Cbord GET Food App this fall and I am wondering if there are any other members who use Cbord Odyssey Direct(PCS), Micros 3700 and GET. We are having some sales tax issues and I would like to know what work arounds other school are using to correctly calculate sales tax. You can contact me directly at 518-469-5362 ... Read More

  • Good Morning, 2020 C3X committee!  As we discussed on our call last week, we are asking each of you to complete some outreach to non-member schools to invite them to join us for C3X. The schools on this list received and opened the announcement that we were hosting a virtual C3X, so they should have some familiarity with the event. They will also be ... Read More

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    I would be happy to connect and we have this exact arrangement at Saginaw Valley State University, Michigan. ------------------------------ Dawn Iseler Saginaw Valley State University Director of Auxiliary Operations University Center MI United States (989) 964-4258 dmiseler@svsu.edu ------------------------------ Read More

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    Bill, We have a Daycare/Early Childhood Center on campus. It not only serves faculty and staff but is also open to the community. It is operated through an agreement through an independent Day Care board which leases the facility from the College. The Day Care board also has engaged Bright Horizons which is a NAEYC provider https://child-care-preschool.brighthorizons.com/PA/Gettysburg/gettysburg/?utm_source=GMB_yext&utm_medium=GMBdirectory&utm_campaign=yext&IMS_SOURCE_SPECIFY=GMB ... Read More

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    Hey Bill, we have an Early Childhood Learning Center on our campus. It serves students, faculty, and staff families. You can check out our website for info at www.cwu.edu/early-learning. Let me know how else I can help. ------------------------------ Joseph Pearson, CASP Central Washington University Executive Director Auxiliary Enterprises Ellensburg ... Read More

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    Greetings Colleagues. I am looking for any information from schools that have Housing and Dining in the same organizational structure reporting to the same Division but may have Residence Life separate and with a separate reporting structure. Any assistance will be appreciated.  Thanks ------------------------------ Joseph Pearson, CASP Central Washington ... Read More

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    Good Morning, Does anyone use the TouchNet Card system at their campuses?  If so are you deploying their app for a digital ID presence?  Are your users having any issues with the IOS or Android app?  We are new customers and looking for the best way to deliver to our students credentials that are digital for the time being using TouchNet.. Thanks ... Read More

  • Good morning, C3X Committee! I've attached the summary from our previous call to this thread. Please review the discussion notes, especially if you were unable to attend.  ------------------------------ William Hurley NACAS Professional Development Coordinator Charlottesville VA United States ------------------------------ Read More

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