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  • All,   This year's LTM agenda is full with discussions on what's next for NACAS, and each of the agenda topics encourage open discussion and engagement from you all as the leadership of our Association. There is no formal assignment to complete before we arrive, but please look over the following materials ahead of time, as they will be referenced ... Read More

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    Hi Kerri, Although I don't have a recent RFP to share, I would recommend that you make sure EDC Corporation receives notice of your RFP posting, once it's available. I used them at a former institution and was very satisfied with their service and support. They also have a very scalable system to meet the needs of varying sizes of organizations. Here's ... Read More

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    Hello NACAS Community, I am looking for sample RFPs on parking and citation management software. If anyone has something they wouldn't mind sharing, it would be greatly appreciated! We are currently using T2 but would like to explore other options. Feedback is always welcomed! Thank you! Kerri ------------------------------ Kerri Demeri ... Read More

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    Program proposals are now being accepted for the annual NACAS South CX Regional Conference to be held on April 4 – April 8, 2020, in Dallas, TX. As Auxiliary service professionals, we know it is important to capture and share the experiences we facilitate that bring value to the student experience. Now is your opportunity to share this knowledge with ... Read More

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    All...  You ask a very good question that is very hard to answer (without the context of the deal in its totality).  In working with clients across the country, assisting with negotiating many fee agreements, there is a wide range of fees and how they are calculated.  Items that impact a Management and Administration Fee include: -  Capital investment ... Read More

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    RE: Air BNB

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    Hey Pam, While it isn't specifically AirBNB, the University of Missouri has some history in renting out unused residence halls for family members or guests during sports games, campus-hosted events, and family visits. We have a recorded webinar that provides a lot of great info around the topic - Hope that helps! ------------------------------ ... Read More

  • We currently do not have a written policy or procedure for dealing with packages not addressed to anyone. Packages can be returned to sender via USPS but not by UPS or FedEx. We receive too many packages to look at each one to refuse from the last two carriers. What does your mail center do with these packages? Do you have a policy you would be willing ... Read More

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    We have a thrift shop on campus. It is operated by our Honors Students each semester. Everything is $1 and is open to current students, faculty and staff.   The following website tells all about the store:  https://www.palmbeachstate.edu/panthers-closet/ .  The store accepts gently-used, washed clothing for adults and children. Please feel free to ... Read More

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    I am also interested in hearing what you have found out. Thank you ------------------------------ Jessica Bender, CASP, MBA Palm Beach State College Manager, Aux. Services & College Card Lake Worth FL United States ------------------------------ Read More

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    Hi Tony, At Morehead State we use a basic package software called QTRAK. It is a very simple process of scanning incoming packages from USPS, UPS and Fed Ex with an iPad. QTRAK has the capability of linking up to our student and staff data base, so emails notifications can be sent to the student/staff upon scanning that there package(s) are ready ... Read More

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