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    Conference and Event Management now reports through the Student Union staff. We work with the Compliance Office and we have structured Campus EMS software to identify the compliance issues. Danny Daniel Armitage Associate Vice President, Student Affairs Auxiliary Services University of North Texas Crumley Hall Room 182 1155 Union Circle ... Read More

  • Hello everyone, Just to ensure everyone within the Leadership Team Meeting community receives a copy of the Strategic Plan, we'll work internally to email out this document as well. Thank you all! Kennedy Turner ------------------------------ Kennedy Turner NACAS Senior Director of Business Development Charlottesville VA United States --------- ... Read More

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    We are looking to buy more vending machines but are having a difficult time finding a supplier for equipment. Any leads on equipment suppliers for vending? Read More

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    Hi all -  I've recently been introduced to a company called Intra-Mail, and have met with Michael Sanders, and plan to keep pursing this option.  Here's more information: Michael Sanders Intra   Mail Network   Main  703.892. MAIL (6245) Cell    703.470.8630 Email Michael.Sanders@wastefreemail.com ... Read More

  • All, Attached is a final revised copy of the Strategic Plan that was approved by the NACAS Board of Directors, reflecting the revisions discussed at LTM. It can also be found on the website here:  nacas.org/about/resources We will also be posting some follow-up information from the Committee & Volunteer Experience discussion at LTM in the coming ... Read More

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    Greetings: Are you a self op mail center and have reduced, slowed or stopped the flow of junk mail?  I would love to hear from you.  Within the next year, PC will transition to a high density flat mail system and would like to get the jump on slowing the flow of catalogs, mass mailers and over all junk mail. Calls / emails to the companies with the ... Read More

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    Good morning, I was wondering to what department is Events Management reporting at everyone's university, and if it does not report to you, how do you track your rules and regulations, guidelines and everything else that influences the dining revenue? Barbara Schrock-Sturch, M.Ed., MBA Director of Auxiliary Services (Interim) ... Read More

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    Hi Ryan- We have been working on an interactive map for some of our emergency items (fire extinguishers, fire alarms, emergency exits etc.) as well as some of our student services such as vending machines, bookstore etc. The interactive map is a google maps based product, and one of our Marketing department staff is leading this project. The map includes ... Read More

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    Ryan, this suggestion just came up on our campus also. I spoke with Pepsi, and they don't have a tool. However, we're developing something in-house .... our Drexel app (homegrown) has a campus map that is layered with hydration stations, bike racks, and dining locations. So, we're trying to add a Vending layer to that map. In our limited research, we ... Read More

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    RE: Cable TV

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    We are looking into the same thing. Please share your responses to the group. Regards, Karen B. Swiney Director of Auxiliary and Business Services Finance and Administration P.O. Box 1510 One University Drive Pembroke, NC 28372 910.521.6292 o; 910.621.6688 f ... Read More

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