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    Hey folks! We've already have some great conversation here and a real need for more information has been brought to my attention. I can't thank you all enough for your eagerness to get ahead of the situation and roll out some emergency preparedness plans, or begin developing new ones before the summer. NACAS has coordinated with some institutions ... Read More

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    Martin,  I've attached a copy of the contract we use. We do require a deposit but allow for cancellation up to seven days prior to the event - though we are considering extending that time since any work orders we submit for set-up and catering needs to be finalized about two weeks prior. We aren't using any automated reservation software but do track ... Read More

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    For those who self-op a childcare or early learning center on their campuses: how do you manage the issue of teacher call-offs? Do you maintain your own substitute list or have you successfully partnered with a local school system or other childcare centers to find subs?  Thanks.  Dave ------------------------------ David Wahr, CASP Owens State Community ... Read More

  • Hi All! Attached please find a summary of our last call together.  We are looking forward to connecting with our Focus Groups this and next week! Enjoy the rest of your week! ------------------------------ Lindsay Hodges NACAS ------------------------------ Read More

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    While I understand that there are no student discounts offered by Netflix, I am curious to hear if any campus has been successful in negotiating a discount directly with Netflix for their student population. Thank you! Wayne ------------------------------ Wayne Fields University of California - Irvine Assistant Director, Student Affairs IT Irvine ... Read More

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    How does your college/university treat store bad debt from Financial Aid when you are a self operated store/s?    Currently we allow students to purchase books with Financial Aid prior to Add/Drop.  If the student buys books then drops out prior to the Drop date and then doesn't return the books the Campus Store is expected to take that bad debt ... Read More

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    Thank you for asking this question. We've also started the discussion, but would love to hear what others are doing. Thanks! ------------------------------ David Donaldson University of Richmond Operations & Summer Programs Manager University of Richmond VA United States ------------------------------ Read More

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    I would like to be included in this information as well. We are a rural campus, and our international guest count is typically very low. I think showing guests (more specifically their parents/guardians) that we do have a plan in place should the virus come to our campus. Thank you. ... Read More

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    ​I would like to be included in the information with these responses. we are in a rural area of Kansas too and we have camps and events going on during the summer. Thank you, Caesar Wood Director of Auxiliary Services CLOUD COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE p: 785.243.1435 ext. 342 / caesar.wood@cloud.edu ------------------------------ Caesar Wood ... Read More

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    Operationally, at Duke, we've started conversations to re-examine the plans that we instituted in 2009 when our summer programs were hit very hard by H1N1.  That year we set up a residence hall where symptomatic participants were moved and cared by staff from our medical center.  This was an area the participants could be taken until their parents/guardians ... Read More

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