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    Hi William, At the Universities at Shady Grove, we have a C-Store housed in an area inside our library. This cashless operation runs on honor's systems, with a self-checkout kiosk, and video camera monitoring system. Contract Provider Name: Monumental Vending, managed under the food service contract Paying Rent (Y/N): N/A If Yes, Rate ($): ... Read More

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    Hi All,  I'm looking to talk - or at least email - with anyone who has successfully implemented a mobile/any device printing solution on their campus. And related to this, anyone who has implemented a solution to charge their users for print overages (going beyond their preset limit) through Paypal or another credit/debit payment system.  Thanks.  ... Read More

  • Hello Ray, By posting your note in this forum, you probably just notified the majority of service providers that are involved in higher education, but I do understand your interest in properly posting notice. I'm pretty familiar with the State of Rhode Island's process, but it may have changed since I was last working on a project there. 1. Take a ... Read More

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    All - I was hoping to get some quick information from anyone that has an Unattended Marketplace on their campus. Contract Provider Name: Paying Rent (Y/N): If Yes, Rate ($): Paying Commission (Y/N): If Yes, Rate (%): Thanks in advance. Bill ------------------------------ William Moran, CASP Xavier University Director, Auxiliary Services Cincinnati ... Read More

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    I managed a contract for years. It depends on what was in your original RFP and the specs that were provided. If you did not include the required operational hours, then you would need to negotiate. If you are running a cost plus contract, it is up to you. You are basically covering the cost anyway. Labor laws may come into play when you have staff ... Read More

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    I would imagine your shut down periods over Christmas, New Years, Easter, spring break, and ThanksGiving would more than compensate any overtime they may be trying to garner. Food service is meant to serve primarily the students. When the students are off campus, greatly reduce hours, or better yet, close your venues until the students return. This ... Read More

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    Hello! For those with contracted dining services, do you have any sort of subsidy for holiday labor in your contract? For example, paying a percentage of the vendor's labor costs on holidays or days outside of term when you require the vendor to remain open for business.  Thank you! ------------------------------ Rebekah Desai St. Edward's University ... Read More

  • I am looking for suggestions on places to post notice of our upcoming RFP for dining services.  I have contacted a few of the vendors that have cold called us over the years, but per state guidelines we need to post ads for this release.  Any suggestions would be appreciated. Ray ------------------------------ Ray Karasek Community College of Rhode ... Read More

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    Good Afternoon, I was wondering if anyone has/could share merchandise brand guidelines for their bookstores/ brand standards for merchandise? Thank you Mara ------------------------------ Mara Lowrey Algonquin College Marketing and Communications Manager Ottawa ON Canada ------------------------------ Read More

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    Good Morning, A colleague of mine is a researcher at the University of North Carolina Charlotte, Dr. Jake Smithwick, that has collected 100's of RFPs, a great many of them in higher ed and has helped several universities with various RFP implementation for bookstores, dining and print services, janitorial, etc. He has analyzed many RFPs and their ... Read More

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