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    Ken,  Eastern Kentucky University has started a pilot program in three of our main buildings.  We are offering free tampons in all women's and gender neutral restrooms in the three buildings that are used by all of our students and centrally located on our campus.  So far it has been extremely well received.  Feel free to contact me directly if you ... Read More

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    At CU Boulder Memorial Center (Student Union) we are providing free feminine hygiene products in the restrooms in vending machines. ------------------------------ Peggy Tucker Ortega University of Colorado - Boulder Associate Director For Budget and Finance Boulder CO United States ------------------------------ Read More

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    Ken: We are exploring that process here as well. I've spoken with Boston University where they are in the pilot stage of implementing a program there and have connected with a vendor who helping a local K-12 school district implement a program in all of their secondary schools. I'll be happy to share with you the contacts, the information ... Read More

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    Hi Erika, We participate in EBT at three of our campus markets and are exploring launching the RMP (restaurant Meals Program) at three retail food locations (QSR's). Attached are some cheat sheets for you. Aaron P. Neilson Director, Dining Services Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. 3801 W. Temple Ave. #55 Pomona, Ca. 91768 ... Read More

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    We are just starting to implement the "Guided Pathways" academic model at our community college and I am looking for any auxiliary operations that have implemented new services or innovations in existing services to better address student needs. ------------------------------ Ellen Ditonto Executive Director Jamestown Community College (NY) Faculty ... Read More

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    Is anyone providing Free or vended feminine Hygiene Products on campus?  If so, what methods or process are you using; distributed via internal office(s), vending machines, external vending/service partner, other? ------------------------------ Ken Waldhof Manhattan College Director - Business & Conference Services Riverdale NY United States ----- ... Read More

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    Check with local code. My knowledge would be that you would need a restaurant license. A catering license would be required if the food was taken off-site and served as a catering. Daniel Armitage Associate Vice President, Student Affairs Auxiliary Services University of North Texas Crumley Hall Room 182 1155 Union Circle #311008 ... Read More

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    Catering License

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    We currently own and manage an Event Center off-campus that has its own kitchen, cooks, and dining staff. Does anyone know if a catering license is required to serve food within this type of operation? ------------------------------ Raymond Dudeck, MBA University Of Maryland - Baltimore DIrector, Campus Life Business Services Baltimore MD United States ... Read More

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    We have successfully placed the "Avenue C" concept in a couple of locations with small footprints. It is a managed concept that is run by our vending provider (Canteen). Thanks, Bryan Wilkinson, CASP Associate Director of Fiscal Operations University of Pennsylvania Residential and Hospitality Services 3702 Spruce ... Read More

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    We are in the process of designing a new dining operation in Downtown NYC. Space is limited, so we need to think about the latest trends in retail dining operations. Has anyone had experience designing a food service operation in a urban setting? Any advice or information would be appreciated. ------------------------------ Mary Lieto,CASP Pace University ... Read More

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