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University of Rhode Island

University of Rhode Island


* I started my college bookstore career as a student employee (work study) in 1971 at Johnson State College bookstore in Johnson,Vermont. I completed an economics internship at the JSC store in 1973 and was hired as the manager in 1973 upon my graduation from Johnson State College.
* Employed by The Missouri Store Company in 1974 and later Barnes and Noble Bookstores when they purchased Missouri Store Co.
* During my years with the Missouri Store Co., I was involved with a group of staff in the development of their textbook operational software application called TEXTAID.
* I have managed or overseen the operations of college bookstores in seven different states throughout my career including an off-campus bookstore in downtown LA. I have worked at Florida International University,Florida Atlantic University,Los Angeles Community College, and Emporia State University in Emporia, Kansas.
* At Emporia State University bookstore [Emporia,KS] 1979-82 I was involved with testing one of the first computerized used book buybacks in the country while working for the Missouri Store Co.
* During my first year at Campus Store Management; our company started with a one year consulting agreement at Florida State University (FSU).
* During my years at the University of Rhode Island, starting in 1994, our staff pulled the campus store out of a negative cash fund deficit of $<943,000> that had accumulated from 1990-1995. Our employees have helped to increase and maintain our revenues to approximately $9.5-10M a year.
* Our operations at URI include a technology store+service center, print and sign shop operation, gift shop at the basketball arena, convenience store,and the traditional main campus store in the student union.