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DIrector of the print and mail services of Université Laval in Québec city.
As North America’s first French-language university, Université Laval draws strength from its history and vitality.

A well-rounded university:

  • Some 500 programs
  • Renowned mobility and exchange programs
  • 5 study profiles: Sustainable Development, Entrepreneurial, International, Honours and Research
  • Custom, continuing, and distance education programs
  • Some 750 partnership agreements with some 500 universities in nearly 70 countries
  • A library of over 6 millions documents
  • A vibrant and diverse community
  • Over 42,500 students
  • Some 5,600 international students
  • Some 230 student associations
The first institution of higher learning in America, open to the world and imbued with a culture of high standards, Université Laval contributes to the development of society by educating qualified and responsible individuals who become agents of change and by seeking and sharing knowledge in a stimulating environment of research and creation.
The members of the university community share a stimulating common vision of the future: to become one of the best universities in the world. To that end, Université Laval also intends to stand out by being:

A comprehensive university recognized as an establishment with an international reputation for its students and high quality educational programs

A university on the cutting edge of research and creation that distinguishes itself on the national and international scenes through its exceptional achievements

An open university that promotes dialog, cooperation, and the participation of its members in major world issues

A university committed to its community that builds productive partnerships with all sectors of society while staying true to its fundamental mission, independence, and responsibilities

A model university that gives all members of its community the opportunity to grow, develop their potential, and establish themselves in a dynamic, stimulating, diverse, and respectful institutional setting

A modern university that is committed to sustainable development and manages its resources responsibly
The university community’s actions are geared to bolstering student success and reflecting the following fundamental institutional values:

  • Respect for the diversity of people, societies, knowledge, and ways of thinking
  • Humanistic and ethical approach
  • Development of critical thinking and judgment
  • Personal and community involvement and leadership
  • Promotion of creation, innovation, and excellence