Mrs. Natasha Helton

University of Puget Sound

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University of Puget Sound

University of Puget Sound


When I was 14, every summer, I would visit my grandmother. She was a caterer in Southern California. I fell in love with watching her. She loved people. She interacted with them in ways I had never seen before through customer service, food, collaboration and conversation. I knew at that moment I wanted to do that too. I thought for a long time treating people in that way was for hospitality fields only; soon to realize it is needed everywhere.

Currently, I work in technology project management and realize that this too is an area I could love as well. Customer service, collaboration and communication are some of the many vital elements of my day to day activities as a functional technology liaison for our Business offices. Every day, I try to collaborate with people and engage in conversation.

I think collaboration means to solve a problem and the people on the other side, as partners, help to find a solution. It is exciting to team up and be a part of a solution. Part of my success is because I place a high value on knowing my customer. To know them, means you are truly listening and by listening, you are already solving the problem.