James Nasipak

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I understand the dynamics associated with the need to adapt and how to affect change in order to be successful. The breadth of my experience has included the necessity to provide new and innovative approaches to issues and processes. Innovative ideas stem from an understanding of current issues that need to be resolved or the introduction of a new idea that was not perceived prior. I have been able to craft vision for organizations that has provided for success and growth. I have also been able to develop and implement budget and fiscal solutions that produce quality decisions and lead to performance and productivity improvements.

These improvements have been accomplished through cross-departmental relationships that have been built through personal interaction and strategic planning. Through these relationships, innovative processes and programs have been developed or are being developed to improve the organization. The development of these programs and processes have required expert writing and research skills along with the ability to effectively present to senior management.

Additionally, with a graduate degree in Leadership and Organizational Studies, I understand the numerous aspects of an organization’s dynamics. This understanding assists in the interpretation of current organizational culture, which provides a guide to developing a successful strategic plan and influences my leadership.

I have over 20 years of successful leadership and management experience in business, education, as well as non-profit sectors. This success is derived from a leadership style that revolves around empowerment of individuals, relationship building, and team collaboration. As a leader, I focus on the ideals that teams and individuals flourish, grow, and become leaders which is a foundational matrix to the health and success of an organization