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    Posted 11-19-2019 09:33

    Good morning,


    I am looking for an example RFP for Pepsi and or Coke.


    Does anyone have a set amount of complimentary beverages for Athletics in their contract? We are up for renewal early next year and I am looking for verbiage to change part of the contracted beverages for football to powdered in lieu of bottles. At the same time not getting less than what we are currently getting. We are currently with Pepsi seeing if Coke will possibly give a better offer.


    Martin Reid


    Auxiliary Services Coordinator

    Lincoln University

    820 Chestnut Street

    Young Hall Room 115

    Jefferson City, Missouri 65101

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    Posted 11-20-2019 09:17
    Good Morning,
      I too will be going out to bid for our campus pouring rights and would also be interested in any RFP samples.  I presume it is only between Pepsi and Coke and currently we have Pepsi on campus.  I want to build in a 5% buffer so we can also offer some local beverages which we can't do know as Pepsi as exclusivity on campus.



    John M. Reale, Jr. '95
    Executive Director of Auxiliary Services
    100 Seymour Road
    Utica, NY 13502

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    Posted 11-21-2019 10:39

    We recently combined our pouring rights with vending. Our vending provider brought in new machines that take debit, credit, cash, our I-Card, Apple Pay and Google wallet. The result was more selection, better pricing, better commissions, updated equipment and more customer satisfaction. We allowed Athletics to secure their own sponsorship agreements.


    Van L. Vieregge, Ed.D., M.B.A.

    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Student Services

    Executive Director of Auxiliary Services


    One University Plaza, MS FRH 171

    Springfield, Illinois 62703-5407

    Phone: (217) 206-6002 • Fax: (217) 206-6048


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    Posted 11-22-2019 15:04

    Are you saying that you have one vendor who handles your pouring rights as well as snack vending?  I've been asked to look into the option of bundling all of our vending to one provider.  We currently have an exclusive pouring rights contract with Coca-Cola and Canteen handles our snack vending.

    Marshall Gray, Director
    Postal, Printing, and Vending Services
    Western Kentucky University

    Marshall Gray
    Western Kentucky University
    Director of Postal, Printing, Vending & Passport Services
    Bowling Green KY
    United States

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    Posted 11-21-2019 13:08
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    Pouring Rights RFP that FSA at Stony Brook University released in Feb. 2018 is attached.  

    Retained right to use 10% of beverage shelf space in retail locations for alternative Competitive bottled and canned beverages.

    Donna O. Klingel
    Director of Contracts Administration & Compliance
    Faculty Student Association
    Stony Brook University

    C2E: Committed to Excellence!

    Stony Brook University Far Beyond

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    Posted 11-25-2019 10:42
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    Hi Martin,

    Please see attached for our RFP at Madison College.

    Caitlyn Clark
    Administrative Planner, Administrative Services
    Madison College


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    Posted 12-04-2019 09:04

    Donna and Caitlyn, thanks so much for sharing those great RFPs! I'd love to upload both of those documents to the Resource Library, since other NACAS members routinely use the Resource Library to search for example RFPs for them to reference while building their own. You can upload your own RFPs, templates, and other organizational documents to the Library for the same reason but I'd be happy to take care of that for you, since you've already helped out this thread so much with your sharing.

    Let me know if you have any strong feelings either way!

    William Hurley
    Professional Development Coordinator
    Charlottesville VA
    United States