Dorm Deliveries?

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    Posted 14 days ago
    Hi everyone,

    Does anyone have a program in which you allow students to send their belongings early where you store them and then deliver them to their assigned dorm prior to their arrival?  We currently do successful appliance delivery for dorm residents, but we're exploring the possibility of doing it for their other belongings to reduce move-in times at the beginning of each semester (particularly Fall).

    If you have a program like this and would be willing to share the details with me please respond or feel free to email me directly at  Thank you in advance!


    Ann-Marie Floresca
    Western Kentucky University
    Director, The WKU Store
    Bowling Green KY
    United States

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    Posted 5 days ago
    Edited by Stephen Horner 5 days ago
    In the past, we have discussed the possibility of doing this ourselves. The biggest obstacle I have come up against is room changes. If a student changes the room assignment, or (less frequently) if the assignment was wrong, then we would have to pick those items up and redeliver them. From my point, it would be a disservice to customer service to have the student do that. Especially, since we are providing the service.

    It brings up other potential revenue streams, though. Do you charge for the service, and, if so, what are those charges like? You mentioned that the appliance delivery has been successful, and in my experience here at Florida Polytechnic, that is where the lion share of weight would be. From our student base, however, appliances don't account for a large enough percentage to concentrate on first. Since you have that service, however, the same system should be able to work for you, I would think.

    What does your current appliance delivery system look like?

    Stephen Horner
    Florida Polytechnic University
    Auxiliary Services Coordinator
    Lakeland FL