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    Posted 03-13-2019 10:03
    Good Morning,
      Our current agreement with Follett to manage our college bookstore is coming up for bid later this year as the agreement ends June 2020.  With the changing face of campus bookstores with decreasing text book purchases, what are other campus' doing to reinvent their campus bookstores to generate better revenues than the decreasing revenues under the older book store model?  I want to be sure I frame up the RFP to model what a college bookstore should be offering in the 21st century.  All thoughts and ideas to improve or rethink our campus bookstore are welcome.



    John Reale
    SUNY - Polytechnic Institute
    Executive Director of Auxiliary Services
    Utica NY
    United States

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    Posted 03-14-2019 13:06
    We have asked NACS to come in and do an assessment of our store and give us options.  They have bench marking tools from the college bookstore industry. We will be writing our RFP from those options.

    Therese Winchester
    Mohawk Valley Community College
    Director, Auxiliary Services
    Utica NY
    United States

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    Posted 03-15-2019 16:08
    What we know is that a store can no longer survive on book and tshirt sales alone. So - we are trying several new services and programs. The USD Torero Store launched a new grocery program this past year in conjunction with our Dining department. (Both entities are within the Auxiliaries Services division on campus). We offer low cost, similar to club store pricing, groceries within one of the Dining markets. That program is managed by the store and the revenue belongs to the store. We expanded the program to offer an ecommerce component - you can shop/pay for over 200 items online, then choose to either pick up at the market, or choose curbside pick up (outside the building the market and store are in) M-F between 4:30 and 6 pm. Although the online orders have been small they are slowly growing. In store (inside the market) grocery sales are up significantly over last year. Torero Table grocery program online:

    We are also working on new office supplies and textbook delivery programs for fall. We think delivering books directly to classrooms would be especially appealing to Graduate and Law School students.

    Loryn Johnson, Director of Marketing/Licensing
    University of San Diego Auxiliary Services 260-2356

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    Posted 03-14-2019 13:10
    We've gone through this transition, with Follett terminating their contract with the college to manage the store and retaining the contract for online textbook sales/rentals and gear. Our Campus Store is self-managed and no longer the "Bookstore". This has given us the opportunity to branch out in ways that may not have been possible under corporate management. We are carrying more consignment goods created by staff/faculty/students and alumni, locally sourced and printed apparel, meat and eggs from our college farm, herbal products from our garden, craft products (fiber, woodworking, blacksmithing) from our craft work crews as well as showcasing publications by our staff, faculty and alumni.


    Liz Brace | Director of Auxiliary Services
    Warren Wilson College
    CPO 6243
    PO Box 9000
    Asheville, NC 28815-9000
    (828) 777-4132 cell/text (often the best way to reach me quickly)
    (828) 771-2012 office

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    Posted 03-15-2019 10:43
    Morning John,
    Therese is right, we are a NACS partner store and they have a ton of great info to share. Free or low cost POS offers and newer less expensive modular fixtures make the turnaround a lot less costly.  Many pubs are moving rapidly to digital.  In the digital model Pubs are selling "courseware" based software access rather than a book as a commodity. Think Netflix for Textbooks.  Margins are tighter now on that side as prices have dropped considerably to help students and affordability, however, there is also now much less inventory and payroll costs wrapped up in books if done properly. If you know the payroll % to total sales ratio you need to hit and you have innovative managers and buyers, you will be in good shape. Don't forget too, the  OER movement is very significant and I think you need to consider how that will affect your ROI too, no matter if you run it or you lease it.   Great question and good luck.

    Shawn Dee
    Guilford Tech Community College
    Campus Stores Manager
    Jamestown, NC