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    Posted 11-22-2019 19:06

    Despite providing on-campus student housing over 12,000 students UBC's waitlist for student housing is over 6000 at the annual peak.  Additionally, the rental vacancy rate in our region is below 1%.  As a result, we continue to look at a variety of options to support our students to find affordable, safe and proximal housing.  One option we are considering is supporting intergenerational housing through connecting seniors in our region who have extra space in their homes with graduate students seeking housing.  We know that by connecting students and seniors we can fill two needs at the same time: affordable housing for students and company and/or extra income for seniors.  We also recognize there are potential safety and security risks of such a program.

    Questions:  Does your institution participate in such a program?  If so, which department(s) is/are responsible?  What policies do you have in place to safeguard against risk to both parties and liability to the institution?  Can you share a link to related information?



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