18 Wheelers on Campus

  • 1.  18 Wheelers on Campus

    Posted 16 days ago
    Do you allow 18 wheelers on campus for deliveries?  Do you have a policy on 18 wheelers being on campus?  Thanks!

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    Posted 9 days ago
    We do allow 18-wheelers on campus - and they are here for deliveries each day.
    When we know something is coming - like a large furniture delivery - we work with the shipper to let them know the challenges of delivering to an urban environment with a 53 foot truck with a large sleeper cab.
    many of our daily deliveries are in smaller trucks - pup's or box trucks - as our dock spaces are difficult at best to get into.

    Best thing we have done is work to develop relationships with the shippers/companies that are regularly on campus to have them bring smaller trucks or no sleepers to campus.

    Hope that helps.

    Jason Levy
    Temple University
    Director, Student Center Operations
    Philadelphia PA
    United States