TZ Locker or Mail Locker advice

  • 1.  TZ Locker or Mail Locker advice

    Posted 10-04-2019 09:09
    At UMaine we're currently implementing the TZ Locker system for packages for our students. In addition to our Package Center, these lockers will provide access to packages that are chosen to go into the lockers. Anyone here have experience with TZ lockers (things to do or avoid) or a similar system (ie. Amazon lockers)?

    Thanks in advance!

    Debra Bell
    University of Maine - Orono
    Graphic Designer/Interim Assist Director of Marketing & Communications
    Orono ME
    United States

  • 2.  RE: TZ Locker or Mail Locker advice

    Posted 10-07-2019 09:25
    We are currently in the process for a TZ Locker installation also. Would love any advice or things to know also.
    Our install is scheduled for next month.

    J. Malbrough
    Tulane University
    Director, Mail Operations
    New Orleans LA
    United States

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    Posted 10-08-2019 10:04
    We have both TZ lockers and Amazon lockers on campus.
    A couple of years back we moved our print services operation to an off campus location.  This changed the service delivery model from a self-service pick up model to an office delivery model.  We installed the TZ lockers on campus to serve as a pick up location for faculty/staff print jobs and small package deliveries.  We did this to avoid the added labor that would have been required to deliver the print jobs throughout campus.  We have received very positive feedback from our faculty, The TZ lockers automatically sends them email when the print jobs are delivered to the lockers and they now have the added flexibility to pick up the print job or small packages on weekends and evenings where as previously the print services office was closed after 5PM and on weekends.    The lockers are expensive but the labor pay back and customer service advantage eventually will pay for the lockers.
    We contacted Amazon and had Amazon lockers installed near our resident halls to service our resident student population but faculty/staff and commuter students are welcome to use the lockers.  There are two options with the Amazon lockers one is a no cost option where only Amazon packages are delivered to the lockers and the other has a campus cost but all packages can be delivered to the lockers.  We opted for the free lockers as the majority of our student packages are from Amazon.  The labor savings and customer satisfaction has been a win on our campus.

    Tom Miliano
    UMass Lowell
    Executive Director Administrative Services
    Lowell MA

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    Posted 10-09-2019 14:51
    We are nearing the end of our install for TZ lockers on campus. We added 310 lockers and 120 intelligent mailboxes. We chose the metal lockers and have front and rear loading. Our locker install has gone smoothly. There are some technology issues that we are working through before we have our soft launch next month. Make sure power and data are in the right locations for the kiosks, check integration with student database, file transfers etc. Allow plenty of time for training and trouble shooting of issues that come up. Marketing and communication for students is key so they know how to use them.

    Kenneth Field
    UNC Charlotte
    Director of Auxiliary Services
    Charlotte NC
    United States

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    Posted 01-24-2020 08:42
    We just launched TZ lockers this semester. We installed 804 in 3 locations to serve our residence hall student population. I would very much like to hear from each of you how your initial installation went, on-going maintenance support, student feedback, etc.


    Brian Browning
    University of Tennessee
    Executive Director of Auxiliary Services
    Knoxville, TN