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    Posted 05-11-2018 16:29

    We are trying to get a sense of how other universities handle financial management (transactional and operational)  within their Auxiliary enterprises, specifically as it relates to financial personnel. Do you have a dedicated team of financial support personnel that are imbedded into the Auxiliary program, rely on your  university's central business office or institute another model altogether? If your university has its own financial team dedicated to Auxiliary Services, we would be interested in seeing an organizational chart.


    Thank you, in advance, for any feedback you provide.


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    Posted 05-14-2018 10:10
    At Cumberland, each area within auxiliary services are responsible for their own P&L but the institution's finance office (team of 4 folks) handles the overall budget (tuition, auxiliary revenue, grants).

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    Posted 05-15-2018 19:01

    Hello John,


    We are a small community college in Southern California where Auxiliary Services consists of the bookstore, ASB, the print shop, the performing arts center (including ticketing), community events, facilities and RFPs. 


    Our staff includes the Auxiliary Services Director, 1 Clerical Tech, 2 Auxiliary Services Assistants, 3 Bookstore Coordinators, 1 Warehouse Tech, and two Accounting Techs.  We employ several student workers and during rush we employ several short term workers and all are part of the Administrative Services team that reports directly to the VP of Admin Services.


    We have an independent accounting office which manages all of the financial responsibilities for all of our areas including AP, AR, banking, reconciliations, bookstore advances for financial aid students, debt collection, and many other things that come up.  We find that this works better for us because we are able to make payments faster therefore avoiding delays in shipments as well as penalties.  It also helps for planning our budget, monitoring our expenditures and income more closely.


    I hope you find this information useful and please let me know if you have any other questions.  Have a great evening.



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    Posted 05-14-2018 11:22
    I'm writing in from the University of Idaho. We operate with a central financial service. Each unit director manages their budget while all invoices and central journals are processed through our office. We have an electronic accounting request form, which is completed by the units and sent to our office via email. This allows for approvals of expenditures to occur at the unit level.
    We currently have an accountant overseeing the business manager and reporting up to the Auxiliary Services AVP. The business manager has two financial specialists and three part-time student employees.
    The areas currently covered by our operation are the bookstore, dining, golf course, housing and pouring and vending. The bookstore, golf course and housing are operated in-house while the others are contracts. The bookstore has a financial manager, who handles the cash flow and accounts receivables on-site reporting up to the bookstore director.
    Hope that is helpful.

    Lisa Miller
    Auxiliary Services Accountant
    University of Idaho