Stickers Prohibiting Weapons on Campus

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    Posted 08-28-2019 09:49
    We are currently discussing the stickers that go on the entrance doors to our buildings that say "no weapons allowed on Campus" which also includes other verbiage regarding concealed carry, etc. I want to know if other Universities have the same stickers or if you choose to not put them up.  The discussion that we are having right now is that by having these stickers on all doors we are "advertising" that there are no weapons and this could potentially make us vulnerable.  I would appreciate any feedback or insight anyone would share.

    Laurie McKain
    Director of Auxiliary Services
    Marietta College
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    Laurie McKain
    Marietta College
    Dir Aux Svs
    Marietta OH
    United States

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    Posted 08-28-2019 18:31



    At my institution we have a policy prohibiting weapons on campus but we do not utilize any decals on entrance doors.  My personal opinion is that as long as the campus community is aware of the no weapons policy, the decals have little if any impact.


    Considering this issue solely from a concealed firearm standpoint.  In Michigan, CPL holders are already aware that college & university housing and academic buildings are no carry zones.  If a CPL holder were carrying and either forgot or willfully chose to ignore the law by entering a campus building, it is highly unlikely anyone would ever know. 


    If a person is intent on harming others on campus with a firearm or some other form of weapon, a decal on the entrance door is not going stop them.  Where I see the decals having some impact is in businesses and organizations where CPL holders are normally allowed to carry, but where the business owner or organization has a legal right to prohibit weapons.  Even in these circumstances, the decal is only going to matter to those intent on complying with the law.


    There may be some merit to the thought that the decals could potentially increase vulnerability.  I'm not expert on the subject, but the vast majority of college campuses in the US have no weapons policies and/or weapons are prohibited by statute, so the general public is already aware of this.  Individuals intent on harming others are not dissuaded by signs, policies or laws.








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    Posted 08-30-2019 17:56

    I want to echo what Ron stated: "If a person is intent on harming others on campus with a firearm or some other form of weapon, a decal on the entrance door is not going stop them." Nor do I believe it would encourage them harm because guns a not permitted. Our University Police always carry. 

    The decal does make it easier to address those people who bring a gun to campus and need to be held accountable because it was clearly stated on all our entrance doors. In Wisconsin, with hunting season we have students who bring their guns to campus and leave them in their cars. The stickers just re-emphasize and gently remind people that our building does not allow them.



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    Posted 09-03-2019 13:47
    This is an interesting topic, and one which will vary significantly from state to state. There is a good resource for how the rules work from state to state on the US CCA website:

    If you click your state, and scroll down to the section that says ""No Weapons Allowed" Signs Enforced?", that's where it talks about whether or not the stickers carry any legal weight in your state... Laurie, it looks like the stickers might actually be worth looking into for the state of Ohio. The next question you need to consider is whether or not you want to discourage law abiding citizens from being armed in the unlikely, but horrible event that someone shows up with bad intentions.

    Note, I think I can speak for Ron, Matt, and myself when I say that nobody is giving legal advice here. So you certainly want to discuss this with your campus, business, or foundation council. However, the stickers that "prohibit concealed cary" are going to be more or less useless in some states, and highly effective in others.

    Mike Clear
    Director, Business Development
    Denver, CO