ID Cards and Parcel Delivery

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    Posted 03-11-2020 13:17
    Hi all,
    This is a pretty specific question, but we're not getting very far with the vendor.  We are moving a new ID Card using HID SEOS technology for the chip and still including a mag stripe for our legacy systems.  We are trying to determine if our current postal/parcel software, Squibx, has readers that can read this chip.  We manually retrieve parcels from behind our counter and they have been checked in to us using Squibx.  Currently, when a student comes to get their package, we scan a barcode on their card to indicate the package is now delivered.  We'd rather not have to continue to include a barcode on the new ID and would prefer to have the Squibx reader be able to read the chip when the student retrieves their parcel.  so this is mui specific.  Is anyone out there using a Squibx reader to read an HID SEOS chip?  I know, mundane stuff in the age of corona.  Thanks, Richard

    Richard Terry
    Davidson College
    Director of Auxiliary Services
    Davidson NC
    United States