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    Posted 05-13-2019 11:31
    I'm interested in whether other campuses charge for use of parking by outside customers.  We are located in a small but active town that has a parking problem whenever there is any big event there.  Increasingly we are approached by event organizers for use of our large, unregulated parking lot next to our athletic center.  Some departments think that we should charge for this use.  I'd be interested in what schools with similar arrangements do.  Thanks, Richard

    Richard Terry
    Davidson College
    Director of Auxiliary Services
    Davidson NC
    United States

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    Posted 05-14-2019 10:15
    Hi Richard.  As a larger, urban, university, we do allow outside groups to use our parking for special events. I don't manage the area, but we have a posted rate schedule at and you can also reach out to our folks to ask any questions.
    Most important would be an MOU for expectations - it's important to understand how many spots they can use, if others are also parking in the space, etc. as part of the event plan.  Not sure if it's a money maker in the big picture, but at least it passes some revenue through to more than cover costs. Good luck and have fun!

    Jason Levy
    Temple University
    Director, Student Center Operations & Conferences
    Philadelphia PA
    United States

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    Posted 05-15-2019 09:23
    Hi Richard,

    As an urban-serving university located in San Antonio, we partner with an outside vendor to provide parking during several large local events. A great example of this is during Fiesta San Antonio, a very large event that takes place in the city each year. We partner with SP+ to manage event parking during this time, providing guests the option to park at our Downtown Campus for a fee up to $25, while our permit holders continue to park as usual by showing their valid university permit. More about event parking during Fiesta is available on our website.

    Lauren Beaver
    The University of Texas at San Antonio
    Assistant Director of Communication & Customer Relations
    San Antonio TX