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    Posted 03-25-2019 13:19
    ​​I have become the gatekeeper for food trucks operating on campus.  I have seen good information through the Lounge regarding insurance and agreements for food truck operators.  But I am interested in what guides a decision to allow a food truck vendor onto campus beyond the legal considerations.  We have student organizations as well as college departments that ask to have food trucks for events.  Sometimes the event organizer pre-pays for product and the vendor simply gives it away.  Other times the vendor is invited to sell their fare.  Sometimes the request is to locate the food truck very near our own dining operations and other times more remotely.  Sometimes it is a product that competes directly with our own menu and other times it is something that doesn't really represent a competing product.  I would like to hear from schools that have set guidelines for when food trucks are allowed on campus and under what conditions.  Thanks!  Richard

    Richard Terry
    Davidson College
    Director of Auxiliary Services
    Davidson NC
    United States

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    Posted 03-26-2019 10:40

    We always ask for health inspection reports as a condition of entry.  The majority of time they fail the reports. Or they go through our own health inspections with our independent 3 rd. party providers. 


    If they pass all of those inspections we would take similar rent to our foodservice providers.  Otherwise off campus.


    Hope that helps



    Wayne Gee


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    Posted 03-26-2019 11:04
    Richard, we approached the solution to this problem by purchasing and running two of our own food trucks. Now if any campus department/organization wants "food trucks" for an event we are the exclusive provider. The only time we allow off campus trucks on campus is for special events were the organization pays a vendor up front to provide food and there are no direct sales, subject to the normal insurance and health department inspections.

    I may suggest if that doesn't work for you that you at least have a strict non compete clause in policies that prevents off campus trucks/vendors from directly competing. I would also make sure that someone is collecting/verifying proper insurance, health department approvals, and other local ordinances for operating businesses. You may also go so far as requiring a direct sale vendor to accept certain forms of payment.

    A lot depends on your goals. Are food trucks allowed on campus because food service is not able to meet demand or is it just a current culture?

    I hope some of this helps.

    Joseph Pearson, CASP
    Central Washington University
    Executive Director Auxiliary Enterprises
    Ellensburg WA
    (509) 963-1580

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    Posted 03-26-2019 11:14
    ​I work for Purdue Northwest which is a regional campus for Purdue University.  Recently we began using food trucks at a concert series that is held at our Arboretum.  There is a "Temporary Food Service" application that the department who is requesting the food truck must complete.  It is located here:
    Purdue remove preview
    View this on Purdue >

    Once this is complete it is reviewed by REM (Radiological & Environmental Management) and if approved then the vendor has been approved by the university to serve.  Along with this some counties in Indiana also have their own health department approval the food truck vendors need to have done for every event.  Once both the Temporary Food Service application is completed and approved by the university and any county approval is complete (if needed) then we also must have a contract with the vendor in order for them to be on our campus.  This would be a simple professional services agreement.  This year our goal is to contract with food truck vendors for a year that way when an event is planned the PSA part of it is already taken care of through a year-long blanket agreement.

    I hope that helps.

    Jennifer Hupke
    Purdue University Northwest
    Director of Procurement and Auxiliary Services
    Hammond IN
    United States

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    Posted 03-26-2019 13:54
    I've been fielding more request for food trucks over the last couple of years and would like to develop policies, as well.

    Liz Brace | Director of Auxiliary Services
    Warren Wilson College
    CPO 6243
    PO Box 9000
    Asheville, NC 28815-9000
    (828) 777-4132 cell/text (often the best way to reach me quickly)
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    Posted 03-27-2019 10:00
    We developed a policy for food trucks at our school this year. This includes a process, the required insurance and certificates required along with cost if they are charging individuals for food or if it is part of a sponsored event which the food is paid for by the department. I would be willing to provide you with our approved process and policies if interested.

    Best regards,

    James Nasipak
    Antelope Valley College
    Auxiliary Services Manager
    Lancaster CA
    United States

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    Posted 03-28-2019 09:34
    Good morning James,

    I am being tasked with the same of developing policies for food trucks.  Will you please share your process and policies with me?

    Kamesha Hill
    Jackson State University
    Executive Director
    Jackson MS
    United States

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    Posted 03-28-2019 09:37
    I would love to see your policies.

    Thank you ​

    Jennifer Kelly
    Northwestern State University
    Assistant to Provost for Academic Support and Auxliary Services
    Natchitoches LA
    United States

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    Posted 03-28-2019 16:47
    I would also be interested in receiving this information.  Thanks.

    Felecia Townsend
    Florida International University - MMC
    Director, Business Services
    Miami FL
    United States

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    Posted 03-28-2019 14:05
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    Here at NC State, we started to the food truck program to serve underutilized areas of campus.  Instead of creating new expenses from either adding locations or investing in our own food truck, we simply found it easier to manage the process instead.  I had the initial contract reviewed through both or Legal and IRM (Insurance and Risk Management) entities on campus.  Then, I reviewed various existing university agreements and pieced together a more comprehensive agreement customized to meet our needs.  As of today, we have two daily food trucks on centennial Campus that rotate bi-weekly - 20 permanent food trucks in total.  I schedule an annual meeting with existing food trucks, potential new trucks and campus partners.  We host an annual end-of-year open and honest town hall meeting to discuss what went well,new ideas and any changes that may need to be implemented.

    Last year, we added quarterly food truck rodeos.  This brings a new level of excitement for the customers.  Plus, the process organically introduces new food truck vendors that can be monitored for popularity, visual appeal and food quality.  Overall, I've been happy to be a small part of this program's growth and success.  In addition, I continue to learn more and more about the family style environment that actually surrounds the food truck environment.


    Kevin Howen
    North Carolina State University
    Business Mngr, Univ Dining
    Raleigh NC
    United States