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    Posted 05-01-2019 11:18
    As part of my position, I oversee Campus Events - I am seeking information on how smaller schools handle campus events set-ups and tear downs?  What staff do you utilize to perform this work and any other information that you can share would be extremely helpful.

    Thank you!

    Sally Wiatrowski
    Georgetown College
    AVP for Auxiliary Services
    Georgetown KY
    United States

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    Posted 05-01-2019 14:22
    Hi Sally,

    At Presbyterian College, campus hosted events are typically set up / broken down by the Campus Services or Athletic Facilities teams based on the scope of the event. Large events like commencement will be handled by rental companies providing the thousands of chairs in multiple locations on campus.

    Our clients renting facilities or hosting summer camps will handle their own logistics.

    Let me know if you would like to chat!


    Jason Koenig
    Presbyterian College
    Director of Auxiliary Services
    Clinton SC
    United States

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    Posted 05-02-2019 12:21
    Hello Sally,

    There is an entire range of methods used.  I am assuming, since you asked this question, that there is not a unionized facilities management team at your campus.  Typically, when there is, there is no question as to who does the set-ups and tear-downs.

    Some campuses employ a full-time operations manager who oversees a team of student staff that are scheduled based on needs.  This team tends to handle all table, chair, staging, etc. setups including basic draping of staging, tables used for registration, etc..  The catering department tends to continue the management of banquet table draping and covers or other food-related table coverings.  This team can also manage the technology needs that can be provided in-house or oversee any outside vendor setups for specialized decorating or advanced technology needs.

    At the other end of the spectrum is the utilization of the facilities management team to handle all setups, or as Jason suggests, using campus services, Athletics, or whatever department manages the space.  When setting pricing for space rentals, be sure to build your costs for the set-up services into the overall rental fee to make sure you don't lose money.

    I hope this helps!  Let me know if you have other questions or would like to discuss this further.

    Chuck Salem

    Chuck Salem
    Unique Venues
    Fairfax VA
    (703) 520-5084

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    Posted 05-03-2019 10:41
    Hi Sally,

    As the Director of Event Management I'm responsible for the daily administrative duties required for the planning and execution of Events held on Campus.  I also oversee the Special Work Assignment Team which consists of 4 FT employees & up to 20 student workers who set up & tear down all of our events on campus.  Our campus is fairly small with about 2300 students.  Feel free to contact me directly with any specific questions.  I'd be happy to share job descriptions as well.


    Michael Baker
    Franklin & Marshall College
    Director of Event Management
    Lancaster PA
    United States

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    Posted 05-06-2019 10:02
    At Tennessee State University we use staff in the Facilities Management department to do the heavy items.  Student and staff in Events Management do the actual decoration. 

    Dr. C. Johnson
    Chief of Staff 
    (615) 963-7401

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    Posted 05-03-2019 17:10
    In the past here at Eastern Mennonite University we used staff and students from our Facilities department. We now have a full time staff member from Auxiliary Services (the department that manages most events on campus) that handles all event set-up/tear downs.
    I would be happy to answer other questions if needed.

    Cheryl Armstrong Montgomery
    Auxiliary Services
    Eastern Mennonite University


    [EMU Logo]

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    Posted 05-07-2019 09:33

    Hi Sally,

    NACAS is holding an online event that may be of interest to you around well thought out event preparation. While the institution the webinar centers around is a larger school, scalability of programs is always something worth considering! The event is on May 9th from 3:00 - 4:00 ET but registration will place you on a distribution list for the slide deck and recording. Hopefully you find tremendous value from the webinar!

    William Hurley
    Professional Development Coordinator
    Charlottesville VA
    United States