Auxiliary Services Self-Study

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    Posted 02-19-2019 15:50
    Good afternoon,

    I am conducting a self-study of my units (printing; mail services, parking, campus card, dining, bookstore, vending) at Bridgewater, using the Council for the Advancement of Standards (CAS) in Higher Education.

    I would love to see some samples of self-studies. Have you completed one or know someone who has completed one for their areas?

    Any assistance you can provide is greatly appreciated.


    Margarida B. Vieira, Ed.D
    Bridgewater State University
    Director, University Services
    Bridgewater, MA
    (508) 531-2877

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    Posted 02-20-2019 09:13
    I would be interested in seeing some samples as well.  My institution is doing this right now and I am the chair of our group that is taking a look at the the main auxiliary areas on our campus of conference services, dining services, residence life, card services and bookstore.  I would like to see how other schools have done this auxiliary CAS assessment.

    Kim Wermers
    Dakota State University
    Card Services Specialist
    Madison SD
    United States

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    Posted 02-21-2019 10:47

    I would be interested in this as well.  





    Carol Desilets

    Director, Ancillary Services

    Vancouver Island University






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    Posted 02-22-2019 10:33
    I would be interested as well.


    Amber Denny, 
    Blackboard Transact Administrator
    Auxiliary Services Administrator
    Hamilton College
    198 College Hill Road
    Clinton, NY 13323
    Office: 315-859-4974
    Fax:    315-859-4300

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    Posted 02-25-2019 09:37
    I would be interested as well.


    Tim Moore
    Business and Auxiliary Services
    North Carolina Central University
    Durham, NC

    Timothy Moore
    North Carolina Central University
    Director Business & Auxiliary Services
    Durham NC
    United States

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    Posted 03-04-2019 02:36
    I am interested as well,
    thank you​

    Katia Zakhem Nakhle
    American University of Beirut

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    Posted 03-06-2019 10:51
    ​I would be interested in this as well.

    William Alexander
    Birmingham - Southern College
    Manager of Bookstore and Print & Post Operations
    Birmingham AL
    United States

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    Posted 03-07-2019 17:14
    Hi Margarida and all,

    We are working on finding a resource on this topic and once we have something we will be sure to post it here in response to this thread, as well as uploaded to the Resource Library (part of the NACAS Marketplace).

    Stay tuned!

    Lillian De Lisle
    Associate Executive Director
    Charlottesville VA
    United States

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    Posted 03-21-2019 17:56
    Good Afternoon Margarida (and all Lounge people)!

    I am taking over the NACAS Representative to CAS position from Jeff Pittman.  Between us and the NACAS office we asked and received the following response from President-Elect of CAS Dr. Daniel Bureau.  We'd be happy to coordinate a webinar for all interested.

    If you need anything else, please let me know.


    There are a number of ways to conduct a self-study, including the new Multifunctional Frameworks Assessment, which allows you to pull from a range of sets of standards to avoid having to do several separate self-studies. For most of the services you all mentioned here, there are indeed standards (list found here). Almost all of the functional areas you mention also have representatives from associations that provide leadership for those areas (list of associations found here).

    The steps taken should reflect the objectives of the self-study. There is a template we promote in CAS found here. However, ask first, what is it you wish to achieve. Typically, a department will conduct a self-assessment, examining evidence they collect to determine the extent to which they are aligned in the practices highlighted in the standards.

    Then there is typically an internally appointed committee that reviews the report, evidence, and findings of the department. These individuals are tasked with considering given what they see in the evidence and what they know of the operations if the department is as in line with the standards as they perceive they to be.

    Finally, if there is a need for external vetting of the self-study, then you can incorporate program review. Program review tends to be conducted by 2-3 experts in the field that are not part of the institution. They come in, evaluate the departmental self-study results (including all of the provided evidence) as well as the internally appointed self-study committee's report and provide their own perspectives on alignment between standards and provided evidence. All of the associations identified in this thread that have standards could help you to identify experts for external review. You can contact or me at to connect you to their Council representative.

    Neil Markley
    Sonoma State University
    Associate Vice President
    Rohnert Park CA
    United States

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    Posted 05-06-2019 10:25

    Hi all!

    As mentioned previously, we will be holding a webinar on this very topic. You may sign yourself and/or any team members from your institution up at this link. Let me know if you have any questions!

    William Hurley
    Professional Development Coordinator
    Charlottesville VA
    United States