EpiPen Injectors in Resident Dining

  • 1.  EpiPen Injectors in Resident Dining

    Posted 07-25-2019 16:35
    Hi all,
    This past April, University of Maryland rolled out EpiPens in dining halls; training managers and employees to identify signs of anaphylaxis and hpw to administer the shot in the case of an emergency.

    Wondering if any other schools are exploring this initiative?  If so, any information you've come across in your research, is appreciated.  I do believe this is may be different depending on your state laws/regulations.

    Ana Alvarez, CPA, CASP
    University of Miami
    Executive Director, Auxiliary Services
    Coral Gables FL
    United States

  • 2.  RE: EpiPen Injectors in Resident Dining

    Posted 07-26-2019 09:23
    University of Victoria in Canada has implemented a successful program.

    Jeff Dover
    Principal, Managing Director
    Toronto ON