Retractable Bollards in Northern States

  • 1.  Retractable Bollards in Northern States

    Posted 07-08-2019 16:04
    Hello All,
    I am wondering if you have any retractable, RFID bollards on your campus that restrict access to certain areas by dropping into a sleeve to allow certain vehicles through (such as college shuttles)? 

    Mainly trying to find examples in the north that get very cold temperatures and lots of snow (which Vermont tends to get 8 months a year...) and want to connect with the folks that deal with the bollards on a daily basis (the Physical Plant plow guys, electricians etc, not the sales reps). Our PP was very against them in the past and I want to explore them again to make a better case. My administration is against armed gates based on appearance, a sentiment I share.

    Any photos, specs, makes and models or contacts at your college would be much appreciated

    Nic Anderson
    Director of Transportation 
    Interim Director of Auxiliary Services
    Champlain College
    Office: 375 Maple St, Room 102 (Ground Floor)
    M: PO Box 670, Burlington, VT 05402 or Campus Mailbox 30
    P: (802) 865-8464