Student Birthday Recognition Through Dining

  • 1.  Student Birthday Recognition Through Dining

    Posted 10-30-2018 16:01
    Is anyone recognizing students on their birthday in some way through their dining program?  We have the student birthday data, I'm trying to find a way to link the data to our registers so that when a student swipes into the cafeteria on their birthday, a message pops up for the staff member.  The staff member would then recognize the student in some way (perhaps a special birthday cupcake or free soda?).

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    Posted 10-31-2018 08:01
    We have a TV dedicated to message slides in the dining hall.  One of the rotating slides is a daily Happy Birthday slide.  Now I see students waiting for the birthday slide to come up just to see that they are on it.


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    Posted 11-01-2018 12:30
    I would caution against automatically populating “happy birthday” wishes on public platforms without direction from the student. Jehovah’s Witnesses do not believe in celebrating events such as birthdays and it could be in direct conflict with their religious practices. Best to be on the side of inclusion.

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