Using double residence rooms as singles due to COVID

  • 1.  Using double residence rooms as singles due to COVID

    Posted 7 days ago
    Happy Friday

    The residence rooms at Sheridan College are all configured as double with separate bedrooms for each student with a shared mini kitchen and bathroom, so only 2 students per room.  I am wondering how many schools with this type of configuration are only putting one student per room and leaving an entire bedroom empty.  For those schools with apartment style, how many bedrooms are you filling.

    If we had traditional dorm room with 2 students per room, I would only be looking at single occupancy for fall but given the separation of bedrooms, I currently am looking at 2 students per room.  We are trending to be almost full based on applications.

    Does your school have a first year guarantee and how would converting change that?

    For those who are converting doubles to single, what rate are you charging?  Regular rate plus 50% or something different?

    Thanks all.

    Tracey Ens
    Sheridan College
    AVP, Business Services
    Oakville, Ontario