Auxiliary w/their own Marketing Office

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    Posted 12-10-2019 13:42
    Could someone advise me as to where I can find a count of institutions/colleges who have their own marketing department?

    Melvine Walker
    Auxiliary Services
    Old Dominion University
    PR & Communications Director 757-683-3462
    Norfolk, VA 23529 United States

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    Posted 12-10-2019 17:04
    Hi Melvine,

    This is a great question! You can find this, and mounds of other auxiliary and business partner data through the NACAS Marketplace. To find the institutions with marketing and communications responsibilities, select the Institution Exchange tool and search the list of NACAS members by refining the search by selecting "Communications" in the list of Departments.

    Of course, you can then refine your search by the location or size of the campus, too. Just one way in which NACAS aims to make the industry feel just a bit smaller.

    I hope this helps!

    Corey Salem
    Director of Member Engagement
    Charlottesville VA
    United States

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    Posted 04-28-2020 10:25
    Hello Corey,

    Thank you for the directions. Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) is listed under communications. We have a university marketing department, as well as a marketing department under Finance & Administration, which I oversee. How can RIT be added to the Communications listing?

    Thank you,

    Denishea Ortiz
    Rochester Institute of Technology
    Director Strategic Marketing and Retail
    Rochester NY
    United States

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    Posted 04-27-2020 18:08
    I don't have a count of other institutions, but at UMaine our Auxiliary Department has its own marketing team (myself, the head of housing and a social media/web guru). Our university also has its own marketing department.

    Happy to connect if you're interested!

    Debra Bell
    University of Maine - Orono
    Graphic Designer/Assist Director of Marketing & Communications
    Hermon ME
    United States

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    Posted 04-28-2020 09:38
    I was just having this conversation with my team recently.  We are a small office and do not have our own marketing team as some of my colleagues do at other NYS universities.  I wish we did as none of us have a marketing background and it would help to be able to better market what our office does.

    John M. Reale, Jr. '95
    Executive Director of Auxiliary Services
    100 Seymour Road
    Utica, NY 13502

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    Posted 04-29-2020 09:36
    We have a small but mighty marketing team!  Myself, a graphic designer, web/admin person, dining marketing coordinator and 1-3 student marketing interns (depending on the time of year).  We also share a marketing person with Housing, as Housing is now under our direction for the marketing side.

    Sherri Shelnutt Smith
    University of West Georgia
    Assistant Director, Auxiliary Services Marketing & Customer Relations
    Carrollton GA
    United States

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    Posted 04-28-2020 12:45
    ​Melvine - I can't provide a list, but University of Cincinnati auxiliary enterprise, Campus Services, has a marketing team of 5 plus student employees/interns.

    Todd Duncan
    University of Cincinnati
    Senior Associate VP
    Cincinnati OH
    United States

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    Posted 04-29-2020 13:27
    At Central Washington University we created our Auxiliary Marketing Department a little over a year ago. We have a Senior Marketing and Communications Manager and one full time graphic assistant and many students and interns assisting with social media, photography, videography, websites, graphic design, etc. This office exclusively supports all of our auxiliary units.

    Joseph Pearson, CASP
    Central Washington University
    Executive Director Auxiliary Enterprises
    Ellensburg WA
    (509) 963-1580

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    Posted 04-28-2020 13:14



    William & Mary Auxiliary Services has their own marketing team – myself and a graphic design position (currently vacant). We manage our own SM channels and campus newsletter as well as serve as a marketing "agency" for our twelve departments (sometimes in a supportive role, other times we lead the projects):






    Eden R. Harris

    Associate Director of Marketing, Administration and Licensing

    Office of Auxiliary Services

    Tel: 757-221-4821 |

    Facebook | Instagram

    Wmauxiliaries | Gear1693


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    Posted 04-28-2020 10:54
    Greetings, Melvine! I generally lurk in the background, but am always delighted to see a question like this! I work at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS), and head up the Auxiliary Services Marketing team. There is myself, one full-time staff member doing social media/video, and one full-time staff member doing graphic design--all exclusively on auxiliary projects. In addition, we have one student employee averaging 10-15 hours per week managing one of our ongoing projects. We are small but mighty, and delighted to connect with any of all y'all!

    Holly Murdock
    University of Colorado Colorado Springs
    Director of Auxiliary Services Marketing
    Colorado Springs CO
    United States

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    Posted 04-29-2020 15:29
    Hello Melvine,

    I know colleges within NACAS that have a central Auxiliary Services Marketing Department. Here at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH, we have an Auxiliary Services Marketing Department. I am happy to share any insights, best practices, etc.. Please feel free to contact me here or on LinkedIn
    P.S. During NACAS C3X, I typically send out an invite for beverages to all marketing individuals. I hope to see you at the C3X!

    Jennifer Paiotti

    Jennifer Paiotti
    Xavier University
    Marketing Director, Auxiliary Services
    Cincinnati OH
    United States