Food Insecurity Ideas

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    Posted 02-13-2020 09:31
    I am wondering if anyone is using a mobile app to alert students to food availability after campus catering events? What other creative ideas have you implemented to go beyond the pantry concept and reach students who have food insecurity both on or off campus?

    It was brought to our attention that a student at NYU has developed an app for their campus called Share Meals. It sounds like a great concept, but appears to be only for their campus community.

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    Posted 02-13-2020 14:27
    At University of San Diego, Auxiliary Services developed the Toreros Against Hunger program to address this. It is part of our sustainability initiatives and also helps address food insecurity. Currently we use a third party text service, but we are working with our IT department to develop messaging alerts via the university mobile app- so it would be push notifications rather than direct texts to their cels.

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    Posted 02-14-2020 09:28
    Mississippi State instituted "Maroon Meals" a few months ago.Here is the link to information on our website:

    Cheryl Bowen
    Mississippi State University
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    Posted 02-14-2020 11:07
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    Hi all - we started a GroupMe originally and have moved our process to Slack.  I have a presentation attached related to the process attached.
    We also started down the path of using the Universities app, but many of our users didn't want to have to log-in and/or they could use an alias on Slack - which was important.  The 'program' has grown from just being used in our Student Center to others on campus sharing left-over catering and it is very impactful to many students.

    If you have questions, I can connect you with my folks that created the program and are actively 'managing' it.

    Jason Levy
    Temple University
    Director, Student Center Operations & Conferences
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    Free Food Presentation.pdf   1.70MB 1 version

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    Posted 02-14-2020 16:06
    It appears that the app is available for download and that it can be used for notifying students near any location where food is available.

    Liz Brace
    Warren Wilson College
    Director of Auxiliary Services
    Asheville NC
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    Posted 02-17-2020 09:34
    Hi Kenneth,
    Regarding Share Meals, I was recently contacted by their External Partnerships Manager, Elliot Ledley. He shared (no pun) that Share Meals is all over the country now, and I'm working with him to set up a call so I can learn more about the program. His email is if you'd like to reach out for more info

    I'm one of the co-founders of Free Food @ Temple, the platform hosted on Slack, that Jason Levy mentioned above. We were recently interviewed by The Philadelphia Citizen, if you'd like to learn more about our program and it's backstory: ​​

    I also presented "Hangry about Hunger: Innovative Ideas to Reduce Food Insecurity on Your Campus" at ACUI's Region VII conference this past fall; I'd be happy to share more, or perhaps transition it to a NACAS webinar if there's interest. In addition to our group chat, there are about 18 other ideas which are mostly zero cost to implement.

    Kim Celano

    Kim Celano
    Temple University
    Associate Director, Howard Gittis Student Center
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    Posted 02-17-2020 09:50
    I would be very interested in a conversation about the ideas you presented at ACUI. 


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    Posted 02-18-2020 14:14

    Very interested in food insecurity actions that can be taken with little or no cost to the food service provider. 

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    Posted 02-19-2020 08:24
    This has been a terrific conversation and NACAS is eager to provide more resources around affordability issues on campus. We have several recordings of food insecurity focused webinars (included below) that can illustrate some of the great work our members have been doing to fight the issue with the resources they have available. Keep an eye out for additional online education coming soon, and keep on sharing those amazing resources with one another!

    William Hurley
    Professional Development Coordinator
    Charlottesville VA
    United States

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    Posted 02-21-2020 15:46
    I am curious if any schools have had the health department perform inspections of their food pantries?

    Diana DiPrimo
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    Posted 02-24-2020 09:20
    Hi Diana, The RI Department of Health does inspect our food pantry. We found that community donations often include expired product, we have implemented a color dot system to easily identify which products need to be pulled from the shelves. With this change, our inspections are just a quick check-in when they are on campus inspecting one of our other dining venues.  Slainte, Ginnie

    Ginnie Dunleavy
    Rhode Island School of Design

    executive Director Auxiliary Services

    Providence RI
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