Institutional assessment to Auxiliaries

  • 1.  Institutional assessment to Auxiliaries

    Posted 01-22-2019 17:04
    1. Do any member institutions  have their room and board revenues reduced to reflect discounting similar to the treatment of tuition?


    1. What % of revenue does your Auxiliary operation contribute  to the institution by way of an annual tax or assessment?        

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  • 2.  RE: Institutional assessment to Auxiliaries

    Posted 01-29-2019 14:44
    I've exclusively been at public institutions so haven't seen tuition discounting method, but I have seen "scholarships" that essentially do the same thing.

    The second question is one that I've had interest in over that last few years.  I've seen 2-5% of gross revenue as typical.  But that varies campus by campus.

    Josh Overocker
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