Bookstore and Integrations

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    Posted 09-11-2018 10:07

    I hope the post finds all of you well.  I need a little help understanding how your campus handles publisher integrations when you have a contracted bookstore partner.  Our contract gives our bookstore partner exclusive rights to electronic education content.  Our partner doesn't have an issue with publisher being integrated onto our Blackboard system as long as the direct purchase feature is disabled.  Of course, this is the feature the publishers want to keep as it gives them direct access to our students.

    Can you tell me how your campus handles these types of integrations.  Specifically, if you allow them and to what degree.

    Thanks for anything you can share with me.


    Mark Watkins
    University of Louisville
    Deputy Chief Operating Officer
    Louisville KY
    United States

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    Posted 09-12-2018 09:27
    Hi Mark,

    Pubs have been doing this with Faculty for years and creating a direct to student approach through the LMS. It's kind of a Trojan Horse so to speak. Most colleges have no idea that these links are in their LMS. Faculty like it in some cases cause it is very simple to purchase the materials with a credit card.  Title IV funds can not be used with these links of course and different college's approach this integration differently.  Some college's use Solicitation Policy to corral it, some ask the Faculty to stop doing it and some do nothing.  Most leased and institutionally operated stores had no idea this was happening. Most leased operators actually already have similiar LTI integrations to take students from their LMS to their own Bookstore websites.  However they don't install it with each of their individual college's ITS department many times.
    Now, with the growth of Inclusive Access, essentially college's can partner with pubs to do this same integration and keep a portion of the proceeds while also allowing Title IV funds to be used and lowering pricing in most cases.  The Dept. of Ed has approved it if you follow their guidelines. Seems to work well on digitally delivered course materials.

    Hope this helps,

    Shawn Dee
    Guilford Tech Community College
    Campus Stores Manager
    Jamestown, NC