Feminine Hygiene Product - Distribution - Vending?

  • 1.  Feminine Hygiene Product - Distribution - Vending?

    Posted 11-12-2019 11:47
    Is anyone providing Free or vended feminine Hygiene Products on campus?  If so, what methods or process are you using; distributed via internal office(s), vending machines, external vending/service partner, other?

    Ken Waldhof
    Manhattan College
    Director - Business & Conference Services
    Riverdale NY
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    Posted 11-13-2019 09:21



    We are exploring that process here as well.   I've spoken with Boston University where they are in the pilot stage of implementing a program there and have connected with a vendor who helping a local K-12 school district implement a program in all of their secondary schools.   I'll be happy to share with you the contacts, the information I've found, and keep you posted as we go through the process.   Shoot me an email and we can set up a time to chat!



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    Posted 11-13-2019 09:35
    At CU Boulder Memorial Center (Student Union) we are providing free feminine hygiene products in the restrooms in vending machines.

    Peggy Tucker Ortega
    University of Colorado - Boulder
    Associate Director For Budget and Finance
    Boulder CO
    United States

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    Posted 11-13-2019 09:55

    Eastern Kentucky University has started a pilot program in three of our main buildings.  We are offering free tampons in all women's and gender neutral restrooms in the three buildings that are used by all of our students and centrally located on our campus.  So far it has been extremely well received.  Feel free to contact me directly if you would like any information on the program.

    Steve Caudill

    Steve Caudill
    Eastern Kentucky University
    Finance Administration Business Officer
    Richmond KY
    United States

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    Posted 11-20-2019 10:42
    We just recently researched a process here too.  I reached out to  They are willing to assist with free installation of free vending machines at about $200 each.  They also sell the products for the machines.  The machines have a delay between products dispensing.  We chose not to go this route as we previously spend more money maintaining the vending machines for break-ins, tech issues, etcetera.  We will re-evaluate it again in a year or so.  In the meantime, we will be selling the products in our c-store on campus.

    Kellie Overturf
    Morgan Community College
    Director of Auxiliary Operations & Special Projects
    Fort Morgan CO
    United States

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    Posted 11-21-2019 11:29
    Following a comprehensive university task force initiative, Colorado State University implemented the You Matter... Period service this fall.  Free tampons and pads are available in at least every All Gender restroom across campus plus in Women's restrooms at select buildings which contain no All Gender restroom.  The new service is currently available in nearly 370 university restrooms.  More information about the task force and the You Matter... Period service is available at
    You can also email Neal Lujan at for more information about the Colorado State University task force initiative.

    Mari Strombom
    Colorado State University
    Executive Director - Housing & Dining Services
    Fort Collins CO
    United States

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    Posted 11-21-2019 17:27
    We provide free menstrual supplies in13 bathrooms across campus via vending machines. The bathrooms were chosen as ones that are primarily frequented by students, rather than the general public. We are in year two of this new model - a collaboration among Student Life auxiliaries, Facilities Management, the women's resource center, and our student government. Funding from student services fees, dining, and facilities got us started. Student fees continue to pay for product and our facilities department installed, maintains, and restocks the machines.

    Corbin Smyth
    University of Minnesota Duluth
    Associate Vice Chancellor Student Life
    Duluth MN
    United States