Campus Laundry Drop-off/Pick-up Service

  • 1.  Campus Laundry Drop-off/Pick-up Service

    Posted 09-26-2019 15:57
    We are considering a campus laundry service for our campus population and was curious if other campuses are using this. If so, I would appreciate any feedback and information, such as rates, service times, auxiliary commissions, etc. (i.e. RFP template) you are willing to share.


    Brian Browning
    University of Tennessee
    Executive Director of Auxiliary Services
    Knoxville, TN

  • 2.  RE: Campus Laundry Drop-off/Pick-up Service

    Posted 09-27-2019 09:30
    I am also interested in receiving any information such as RFPs regarding this service.

    Rick Torres
    UNC Charlotte
    Program Manager
    Charlotte NC
    United States

  • 3.  RE: Campus Laundry Drop-off/Pick-up Service

    Posted 09-30-2019 09:33
    ​Our campus has used a campus laundry service that seems to fit a certain student and/or parent. We use a local vendor called Spin Cycle, out of Hamden CT. This service fits the needs of approximately 100 students and has drop-off and pick-up on campus. This vendor also uses student workers for the drop-off & pickup site.

    [Sherri Condon
    [Wesleyan University
    Middletown] [CT

  • 4.  RE: Campus Laundry Drop-off/Pick-up Service

    Posted 10-01-2019 10:13
    We had an emergency a few years back and had to close a residence hall and place students in local hotels for a semester.  The hotel laundry facilities could not handle the students needs, so we worked with two local dry cleaning companies to pick-up/drop-off at the hotels on a weekly basis.  They each charged $1.15/lb.  Student's paid a $1/bag (they currently pay a quarter to wash and a quarter to dry on campus). I say all that, to say, check your local dry cleaners.

    Pam Burke
    Shenandoah University
    Director of Auxiliary Services
    Winchester VA
    United States