Vending Location Map

  • 1.  Vending Location Map

    Posted 04-16-2019 09:23
    I am interested in posting all of our vending locations on one, interactive and easily accessible map. Has anyone created something like this, and if so, what tool did you use?


    Ryan Greene, CASP, MBA, MMIS
    Middle Georgia State University
    Director of Auxiliary Services
    Macon GA

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    Posted 04-17-2019 09:29
    Hi Ryan-

    We have been working on an interactive map for some of our emergency items (fire extinguishers, fire alarms, emergency exits etc.) as well as some of our student services such as vending machines, bookstore etc.

    The interactive map is a google maps based product, and one of our Marketing department staff is leading this project. The map includes a function that shows students their location in campus, and walks with them as you move around (need to enable GPS in your phone for it to work).

    It can be viewed here:

    Happy to connect you with our Marketing department if this is something of interest!


    Mary Murphy
    Northern Essex Community College
    Manager of Administrative Services & Analysis
    Haverhill MA
    United States

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    Posted 04-17-2019 09:29
    Ryan, this suggestion just came up on our campus also. I spoke with Pepsi, and they don't have a tool. However, we're developing something in-house .... our Drexel app (homegrown) has a campus map that is layered with hydration stations, bike racks, and dining locations. So, we're trying to add a Vending layer to that map. In our limited research, we found schools that utilized a Google map to pin various services.

    Joe Russo
    Drexel University
    Executive Director, Drexel Business Services
    Philadelphia PA
    United States
    Email: Joe