Departmental Payments at Campus Bookstore

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    Posted 06-19-2019 10:38



    I'm writing to the group to ask whether you have any processes that are designed for the convenience of departmental shoppers at your campus bookstores.


    For internal departments, our campus has relied on a special transaction authorization card that is used to validate many kinds of financial documents, including merchandise requisition forms at the campus store (people use the card to emboss the form to show that the appropriate budget administrator has authorized the transaction).


    As the University moves to more electronic methods, the embossing card is being retired. But those methods (procurement cards, purchase orders, etc.) were really for external vendors and don't have the convenience of the requisition.  We could still accept the form and ask for an ID card, but we lose that second factor of authorization.


    We are trying to think through whether we want to tell everyone to use a procurement card, cut a PO accept a requisition with an ID but without the embossing, etc.


    Anyone have any thoughts or practices that might help us think through?   


    Thank you!




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    Posted 06-20-2019 13:06
    Northern Arizona University has gone through a very similar analysis over the past 4 months for our internal bookstore and departmental catering charges.  Once we compiled and assigned time values to all of the accounting workflows for both the University and our contracted partners it became clear to us that using our campus procurement card process would present a savings to the organization overall.  Although there is an additional financial burden associated with CC transaction fees under this new method, we consider the staff labor savings as well the ability to recognize revenues at the time of purchase rather than months down the road as well worth the 2-3%.
    Feel free to email if I can provide any specifics that might prove to be helpful in your analysis.

    TC Eberly
    Executive Director, Campus Services
    Northern Arizona University

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    Posted 06-21-2019 10:10
    Hello Bradie,

    We have tried multiple methods for processing departmental charges in our Bookstore.  We've done journal entry / memos through Banner (I wouldn't recommend), P-card, and currently we process it as a receivable transaction through our registers similar to Financial Aid.

    P-card and account charges transactions at the register have many of the same benefits with inventory managements.  We prefer using an A/R account because it then tracks everything to a specific department.  Many departments have multiple cardholders, so if we need to trace a receipt it is much quicker using our A/R system.  We also set up our A/R system to show authorized users, non-taxable, and other restrictions established by that department.  It does take some work to add "Department Charges" to your financial Aid and accounts feed, but it is worth it.

    Finally, depending on your P-Card terms, you avoid paying credit card fees for internal business, which would add up to a pretty decent chunk of change for us.

    Lorelle Davies
    Pikes Peak Community College
    Director of Auxiliary Services
    Colorado Springs, CO

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    Posted 06-24-2019 11:53


    We use the AR function at the POS, which is similar to Lorelle mentioned.  

    We have two interfaces for this transaction:

    1.    The purchases are uploaded daily from the POS to record the AR and revenue into the University system.

    2.    The departmental charge is a separate interface used to reduce the AR and expense the purchases to the departmental budgets, which have been set up within the POS and updates the University system.

    The University uses Banner and the store uses Missouri Books.

    Thank you,


    LISA MILLER, '14
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    Auxiliary Services

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