Electronic Contract Solution

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    Posted 04-16-2019 15:52
    Hi everyone! I work with rental customers at Southeastern Louisiana University and am responsible for compiling contracts and collecting the signed originals. We are struggling with receiving hard copy contracts in a timely manner from customers. Most customers either forget to sign a page, print a page or initial the contract pages. We are spending too much time following-up with them to complete their part of the contract process. I'm interested in implementing Docusign to help with electronic signatures and routing, but there is a little hesitation on our campus because all purchasing contracts are required to be originals by the State. However, these contracts are revenue contracts, so I'm hoping that we can gain approval to accept electronic versions instead.
    Just wondering if any of you have transitioned your contracts to an electronic format and if you can enlighten me on your experience with that change, if there is a better solution, etc.
    I'd love to chat about it. Thanks in advance!

    Cally Berner
    Southeastern Louisiana University
    Director, Event & Conference Services
    (985) 549-5941