Laundry Contract RFP

  • 1.  Laundry Contract RFP

    Posted 09-19-2019 15:32
    Hello all,

    I am in the process of reviewing a statement of needs paragraph for our coin operated laundry contract. We are a senior military college and provide laundry and dry cleaning services for our cadets' uniforms, however, we also have a coin op laundry available for them to wash their personal (non-uniform) clothes that are not compatible with our industrial laundry operation. We do not, at this time, want to include a coin op laundry as an additional fee in our fees since we already include the uniform laundering and dry cleaning as part of cadet fees, therefore, we'd like to keep this as a pay as you go laundry for their personal clothing items.

    Our current contract is coming up for bid in the next year and the language in the statement of needs paragraph is bit dated. I'm looking to update the statement of needs to reflect multiple payment methods to include mobile pay; wireless and web based alert systems for machine availability and completion; PCI compliance, etc.

    Can anyone provide a copy of an RFP statement of needs paragraph they have used within the past two years that I can use as a model?


    Lee Clark
    Virginia Military Institute
    Assistant Director of Auxiliary Services
    Lexington VA
    United States

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    Posted 09-23-2019 10:22
      I will send you our RFP we use for the Brigade.  It has been very successful but it only takes cards (debit or credit) so  you don't  have to worry about hanlding cash.

    Give my best to Colonel Williams and if you want to take a short trip we can walk you through our laundry rooms.



    Phil Allison
    United States Naval Academy
    Deputy Director, Naval Academy Business Services Division
    Annapolis MD
    United States