Policies-Procedures for reserving (Ampitheater) oroutdoor spaces.

  • 1.  Policies-Procedures for reserving (Ampitheater) oroutdoor spaces.

    Posted 05-01-2019 13:50
    Eastern Michigan University has an outdoor amphitheater that we are looking to invest some funds into upgrading ( concrete surface for stage, lighting and sound). The space can hold approximately 350 - 500 ppl depending on set up. The question has come up about how to manage such a space as part of the Universities Conference and Event Spaces portfolio,  I am assuming that for those of you that have this type of venue on campus it would be covered under your University/Outdoor Space use policies.

    1.Can you confirm if your campus has such an outdoor concert space style venue.
    2.  Have you encountered the need to include any specific language to manage these spaces separate from an existing outdoor space policies. 
    3.  What are the top 3 event types that request the use of such a space?
    4.  Can you share the link to any reservation policies and procedures that you use for this type of space.

    Ann M. Klaes
    Director Eastern Michigan University Student Center-Conference and Event Services
    370 Student Center
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    Cell:    734-320-4679