Catering Innovations for Social Distancing

  • 1.  Catering Innovations for Social Distancing

    Posted 25 days ago

    I am part of a committee looking into ideas to respond to Campus needs for Catering during the Fall, while we are still practicing social distancing.  How to identify and market hygienic practices for staff safety, customer safety and assurance, menu marketing, and possible equipment needs. We are thinking of developing a tiered response based upon the situation we find ourselves in terms of stricter or more relaxed practices.  If anyone has been working along the same lines, I would be interested in hearing from your group!  Many thanks and may you & yours stay well and safe!


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    Posted 24 days ago
    I too would find this information very helpful.  Perhaps a group conversation for future webinar planning.  I see the need to leave items wrapped if not individually packaged from the normal drop offs and probably more service on buffets. If not fully served perhaps the use of china will entail setting everything at the table so that there is no common contact taking a plate from a buffet, etc.  Lots to consider before we even get to sitting 6' apart!

    Merrill Collins
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    Posted 23 days ago
    I have been doing some thinking about this subject.  I agree that a tiered response is the right solution, starting with very restricted and moving to almost no restrictions over time.
    1. Contactless Catering pick up - pre-order and pre-pay online, pickup at the agreed time, all pre-packaged (e.g., a sandwich wrapped on a plate - plate included in the wrapping, self-contained boxed lunches) and all on disposables, more limited menu.
    2. Delivered Catering and Set up -  pre-order and pre-pay online, delivered and set up at agreed time to specific location  prior to guest arrival,  all pre-packaged and all on disposables, self-serve for guests.
    3. Delivered Catering and Served from Station -  pre-order online, delivered and set up at agreed time to specific location,  plates assembled and placed on neutral table, guests pick up plate, disposables or reusables.
    4. Resume regular catering but with heightened sanitation and minimized guest and staff contact.
      Guest self-serve conventions:
      • controlled access to food to ensure distancing
      • hand wash / disinfectant station before pick up
      • masks required through pick up step?
      • six feet of separation at dining tables (maybe two to four people at a round table - restaurants have an advantage as they can seat people from the same household at one table)
      • self-bussing disposables to waste
      Staff service conventions
      • masks and gloves

    Jeff Dover
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