Campus Printing Refunds

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    Posted 06-20-2019 15:58
    Hopefully this question makes sense:

    For those of you who have have student printing limits and allow additional deposits to the printing account when the student's allotment runs out, do you allow refunds for the additional purchased printing funds if they are not used? This is presuming that the printing account is separate from the campus debit account.



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    Posted 06-21-2019 09:54



    Our print management system is managed through the student's Active Directory login.  Once their initial semester allocation is expended, students can purchase additional page credits at several locations on campus or online.  We do not refund any unused purchased printing credits.






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    Posted 06-21-2019 10:40
    Hello David,

    We "gift" the student a computer lab balance at the beginning of each semester.  Students can add money on their account through the Bookstore or directly through our Equitrac software using Paypal.    We do not issue any refunds for printing even if the student added additional funds.  We encourage small additions of $1 or $5 to reduce this concern.   We do have signs and messaging for when they add funds that it is a final sale with no refunds.

    The biggest reason we have set this policy is to prevent requests for refunds on the gifted value.  Even though we do not actually charge a fee for printing, there is a perception that it is their money.  Slippery slope kind of thinking....

    One thing to consider, is that we do have a system in place with our Computer Lab Manager that does allow students to dispute charges.  Some, but not much, grace is given to return funds onto an account if they believe the charges were the result of failing to log out or other issues.   Equitrac has follow me printing and requires students swipe their ID and select to release the print at the copier (Secure Release).  The computer lab purges any outstanding jobs in the queue after 24 hours.  Follow me print and secure release have reduced waist and disputes significantly.

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    Posted 06-21-2019 13:37

    Ours is use it or lose it.