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    Posted 09-24-2019 10:00
    We are looking to implement some sort of mobile app to allow our students and staff to notify us of any issues or concerns in the building. Is anyone currently using this technology? What are the pros and cons? What app would you recommend?


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    Posted 09-25-2019 11:23
    We use a google doc form for our staff and an email form for "guests" (on our website).
    The google doc form is a powerful tool and is used by all of our staff to do round reports, daily reports and emergent/facility issues.
    Anyone on the student and pro staff can use it and it gets reviewed each day by one of our operations managers.

    The public facing form gets nearly no use as not many know about it.  Most folks go to our Info Desk or Student Managers to report issues... or they email me. :)
    I can't give you access to the staff form easily, but I could do a screen share if you want to see it.  I am in and out of the office until mid week next week - just let me know.

    Thanks - have fun!

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