Commuter Meal Plans

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    Posted 09-10-2018 14:19
    Looking for examples of Commuter Meal Plans offered at your institution.  While we are a smaller school our total student population is predominantly resident.  Our commuters are seeking new options of their own in addition to those offered to residents and a couple Dining Dollar packages we have available today. Welcome your suggestions and your schools commuter offerings.

    Ken Waldhof
    Manhattan College
    Director - Business & Conference Services
    Riverdale NY
    United States

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    Posted 09-11-2018 07:18
    ​Hi Ken,
    At Salisbury we introduced Block plans with dining dollars for the voluntary purchasers. We offer a 45 block with $100 D$ for $600, a 75 block with $350 for $1,100 and a 125 block with $350 for $1,675. each come with 2 guest passes. As of now the 75 is most popular; it gives commuters 5 roughly 5 meals per week at the AYCE dining hall. The D$ can be spent at all retail locations including Chick fil A, Starbucks & Auntie Anne's as well as the Stadium and other satellite locations.

    Owen Rosten
    Salisbury University
    Director, University Dining Services
    Salisbury MD
    United States

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    Posted 09-14-2018 18:14
    ​Hi All, Here's our commuter plans.


    Aaron Neilson
    Director, Dining Services
    California State Polytechnic University - Pomona

    Pomona CA

    (909) 869-2788