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    Posted 02-06-2020 14:31

    Good afternoon all,


    I am looking for examples of reservation forms/contracts. This will consist of 2 theatres, ballroom, a gym, and a stadium. I would like to see what forms other schools are using and if you use software what software you are using for people to reserve on your website.


    Also, do you require all to prepay? If you do and they do not pay when do you cancel their reservation (i.e. one week prior). Any and all information would be greatly appreciated.





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    Posted 02-07-2020 12:03
    If an outside group/person is interested in reserving space on campus they must first complete an application. We use 25Live to make room reservations and our office handles making those reservations for all external events. We have one space on campus that we do require prepayment and paperwork is required so if they are not willing to complete the necessary paperwork and make a payment we usually can determine this early on. 
    I am happy to discuss in more detail if needed.

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    Posted 02-28-2020 08:49
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    I've attached a copy of the contract we use. We do require a deposit but allow for cancellation up to seven days prior to the event - though we are considering extending that time since any work orders we submit for set-up and catering needs to be finalized about two weeks prior. We aren't using any automated reservation software but do track our facility usage with Ad Astra.

    Let me know directly if you have any questions, I'm happy to try and help.


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