Contract Vendors Identification

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    Posted 03-14-2019 10:40



    I am interested in what other campuses do to identify contract vendors such as Bookstore and Dining staff.  Do you require them to keep a current list of staff on file with the University, make them ID's, require them to wear their company nametags, etc.  How do you identify them on your campus?


    Thanks ahead for your responses.   


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    Posted 03-15-2019 09:15
    Hi Karen,
    They go through the same ID process as everyone else on campus.  In Campus Operations, we keep a list and communicate when someone leaves through Campus Safety.

    Brian McGahan
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    Our bookstore is a Barnes & Noble, but the employees wear an Elon University name tag.  Our dining is operated by Aramark, but all of the employees wear an Elon Dining nametag and uniform.  To students, parents and the outside world, these contract employees are part of the Elon University team.  We encourage all of those contract employees to engage as part of the community.  In return, they take great care of our students.


    Chris Fulkerson


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