customer feedback kiosks in dining halls

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    Posted 09-23-2018 17:23
    I'm looking to collect real time data about student experiences with dining services and am considering installing a kiosk in the dining hall to supplement existing feedback methods (surveys, social media, email).  For context, much of the feedback that I have access to is first filtered by our contractor operator, so I am seeking ways to access real time data  that is sent directly to me.

    I have two main concerns:
    1. Students will  ignore the kiosk entirely, thereby negating its value
    2. Staff who work for our contracted dining operator will add false data points to up the scores.

    I'm looking for recommendations for implementation and/or vendors as well as arguments for why this would be a bad idea.

    Andrew O'Reilly
    Loyola Marymount University
    Senior Director of Auxiliary and Business Services
    Los Angeles CA
    United States

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    Posted 09-24-2018 11:07

    Kennesaw State used to have an IPAD on a stand at the Dining Hall  with a feedback back/comment card form.


    Cynthia L. Gomes, MBA, CMP

    Director of Auxiliary Services

    Clark Atlanta University



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    Posted 09-24-2018 12:31
    Dining Services has partnered with Touchwork to gather real-time data in the residential dining halls. They've been using their "Text & Tell" service since I arrived on campus last year with great success. Customers will let us know we're out of bagels and dining staff can respond letting them know more will be out in a few minutes; we have monitors in the dining area displaying the comments and responses. Touchwork does have a kiosk to collect customer feedback though we haven't yet implemented those. Because Touchwork is unrelated to our dining operation, we have access to the raw data.

    As for students ignoring the devices, I can't speak to that directly but the vendor would likely put you in touch with clients who are using the kiosks and are willing to discuss their experiences with them. My understanding from dining staff is that Touchwork has been great to work with. Staff adding false data points to up the scores is certainly a possibility, though I think it's a concern with any tool collecting self-reported data.

    Christian Heun
    University of California - Riverside
    Organizational Project Administrator, Auxiliary Services
    Riverside CA
    United States

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    Posted 09-24-2018 14:53
    The execution of this would depend on a lot of factors, but how about the possibility of having a proximity indicator prompt a survey for those that have your iLMU app?  If they had the app with notifications/location on while in the vicinity of your food service area it could pop up for them to link to a survey that maybe gave them a percentage off their next visit (or some other incentive).

    Ann-Marie Floresca
    Western Kentucky University
    Director, The WKU Store
    Bowling Green KY
    United States