Single-Use Plastic Bottles

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    Posted 12-04-2019 09:32
    Dear All,

    Good morning, as you know, single-use plastic bottles is one of the hot topics on campus nowadays. Do any of you plan to or are considering in the future eliminating single-use plastic bottles from campus? It is a complex issue involving financials, pouring rights, etc. We welcome a discussion on this.


    Ken Toong
    University of Massachusetts - Amherst
    Executive Director
    Amherst MA
    United States

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    Posted 12-04-2019 13:36
    Hi Ken,

    At Simon Fraser University in Vancouver,  we launched a project this past summer to reduce & eliminate not only single-use plastics but single-use products as well (SUPPs) across all departments - not only within Auxiliary Services. We have 5 basic pillars - raise awareness about the SUPP problems, improve infrastructure, provide more reusable alternatives ( eg. we now sell re-usable water bottles in our vending for $3), reduce & eliminate SUPPs & involve everyone.

    We are eliminating plastic beverage bottles in vending and within dining - starting first with a plastics tax then eliminating. We are also 'taxing' disposable coffee cups (starting at $0.25) and providing an equal incentive to bring your own cup.
    We have a pouring rights agreement with Pepsi and they are engaged with us (reluctantly at first, but now proactively) to source aluminum can or glass products which we believe are better for the environment in our region. The beverage companies that move early to provide non-plastic options to campuses will have a competitive advantage.

    Ken, Kayla Blok, our campus sustainability manager will reach out to you with more details.
    The more we can exchange and learn from one another on this important topic, the faster change will happen. Maybe a webinar on this can help encourage folks to take positive action on their campuses.


    Mark McLaughlin
    Simon Fraser University
    Chief Commercial Services Officer
    Vancouver BC

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    Posted 12-05-2019 10:23
    Hi Mark,
    Did your contract change significantly with Pepsi due to the change?  We have Coke and I would be interested in converting vending and retail to glass/aluminum.


    Brian McGahan
    Director of Campus Operations I Smyth Hall 60 I O:(585) 389-2324 C:(585) 802-7489 I Website

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    Posted 12-20-2019 09:51

    We no longer sell plastic water or soda bottles in our dining operations or vending machines.  Our solutions to the change was to convert plastic soda bottles to aluminum, install additional hydration stations across campus near our markets and provide all undergrads an aluminum reusable water bottle.  Our Coke contract did not stipulate a mix of packaging type but a minimum amount of cases which must be purchased each year, this has not been an issue.  Our current contract proactively ends in July and we are exploring our options to support our next step in removing all single use plastic from our dining and vending operations.  Feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss further.

    David ter Kuile
    Vanderbilt University
    Executive Director of Business Services
    Nashville TN