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    Posted 08-30-2018 14:19
    Good Afternoon Colleagues,

    We're a Division III campus and our Athletic Director is proposing that we sell beer at football games.  Our attendance is typically 8,000 to 10,000 fans per game and I'm trying to estimate what our sales would be.

    Are there any other Division III campuses that sell beer at athletic events?  Any other campuses with similar attendance that do so?

    I'd like to visit with people who have similar circumstances and the experiences they've had.

    Thanks Everyone,


    Bob Barry, CASP
    Executive Director, James R. Connor University Center
    University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

    "one of the best tests of a human being is how well or badly he or she treats others with less power"
    Bob Sutton, Professor, Stanford University


    Central Regional Representative, NACAS National Board of Directors

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    Posted 08-31-2018 08:40
    If you are going to do some site visits of facilities with these types of operations, I would like to accompany you.

    Matthew Portner, CASP
    Ashland University
    Director, Auxiliary Services
    Ashland OH
    United States