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    Posted 04-09-2019 12:05
    Good afternoon,

    Here at UA Little Rock we do have a food pantry on campus that serve our students and staff. I would like to take this a step further and start a food security program that involved meals swipes that students could donate. If you have a program like this at your university, please feel free to contact me and share whatever you can. I have spoken to our food vendor and they are on board. We just need a starting point.



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    Posted 04-10-2019 09:33
    Good Morning,

    At Coastal Carolina University we have a couple of different programs to assist in food insecurity issues and make food more available to our students and staff.

    Meal Swipe Donation: At the end of each semester during the last week of classes we allow anyone with a block meal plan to donate up to 5 meal swipes to our Emergency Meal Swipe Program.  Those meal swipes are then used to help students that have been identified by our Dean of Students Office, Student Advocacy and Intervention area with food insecurity to have access to our all-you-care-to-eat dining halls using their CINO Card (the University's one card system) just like any other student using a meal plan until a more permanent solution can be identified for the student.  When implementing this program we had our food service vendor, Dean of Students Office, Auxiliary Enterprises, and CINO Card office involved to insure that it was an easy and efficient operation.

    Pack the Pantry: Parking Amnesty Week
    This program allows students, staff, faculty, and visitors to "pay" certain parking citations with 5 non-perishable food items that are then put in our University's food pantry (CINO Pantry).  This is only available for the first week of the Fall Semester.  We partnered with Office of Student Life, Public Safety, food service vendor, Student Accounts, and transportation for this program.  (

    If you would like to discuss any of these programs further please feel free to reach out to me.

    Sandra Baldridge-Adrian
    Coastal Carolina University
    Director of Contractual & Business Services
    Conway, SC

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    Posted 04-11-2019 09:12

    We came up with a different method to provide meals.

    The students are identified by Student Affairs office, dining places $12.00 on the students ID Card in a "admin" account. The student is allowed to select the dining venue of their choice and spend the funds. They ae required to fill out a Secret Shopper report. This is our first semester with this system. From the early reports the students have no issue receiving the funds and then doing the report.


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    Posted 04-15-2019 11:28
    Who is paying for the $12 on the dining card? Your Dining program? Also, how often has this been used so far this semester?

    Thank you,

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    Posted 04-15-2019 12:09
    Sodexo is paying the money
    We are doing 10-15 per week. 
    We were providing paper passes prior and now we get a secret shopper form. 

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    Posted 07-17-2019 09:47

    Shepherd University is looking into starting a food pantry and taking meal swipe donations. Can anyone expand on the meal swipe donation issue with financial aid and any work around?

    Thank you,

    Jennifer Flora DEL, MBA, MA
    Director of Student Engagement
    Shepherd University

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    Posted 04-10-2019 09:39

    Good morning Rodolfo,


    We ran into an unintended issue when we tried to work with the students and donating meal plan swipes.  The issue ended up being a negative impact on financial aide.  As we worked with the various  departments on campus, financial aide was the one that put a stop to our ability to do the meal plan swipe pool.  Their take was that all of the donated meals would need to be reported to their office and that the donated meals (the person receiving the meals) could negatively impact the student, preventing them from getting financial aide or lowering the amount they would receive.  I don't know how they do it on other campuses, but that put a stop to our process for donated swipes.




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    Posted 04-10-2019 12:44

    We are looking to do meal swipe donations, food pantry, etc as well and the impact on a student's financial aid has not allowed us to get out the gate on it.  Would love to know what other schools are doing, since this is not school-specific, but rather a federal financial aid issue.


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    Posted 04-11-2019 09:30
    We too ran into an unintended issue.  Since a student bill is typically paid for by a parent, we had requests from parents for a receipt of the value of the donations so they could claim the value of the donation on their income tax filing.

    Kathleen Ragan
    Montclair State University
    Assoc VP Division Admin Stdnt Dev & Campus Life
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    Posted 04-10-2019 10:13

    Here's a link to the program we have at Colorado State University:




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    Posted 04-12-2019 09:13
    At the University of North Carolina Wilmington our Auxiliary Services and our Dining Services Provider have also initiated a program to help support our Hawk's Harvest Student Food Pantry.  We are working in conjunction with the University's Student Leadership academic minor program and the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement in assisting the pantry through a class-led project.  The class is organizing a two-pronged donation campaign at our convenience stores on campus. The campaign will last for one week and will offer both add-on monetary donations in three increments ($1, $3, $5) using credit card or Seahawk Bucks (pre-deposit ONE CARD account used on campus) and allow Students to also have the ability to use part of their meal plan Food Dollars, or other payment method, to purchase pre-selected food items from one of our convenience stores to be donated directly to the pantry. We are excited to partner with the students on this applied learning experience, while helping to contribute to the Hawk's Harvest Food Pantry.

    Megan Allred
    UNC - Wilmington
    Marketing Specialist and Trademark Licensing Coordinator
    Wilmington NC
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