• 1.  Facility Rentals

    Posted 03-20-2019 08:48
    ​​On a limited basis we rent out space on campus to outside entities when schedule allows.  Our use agreement requires they include a statement in any of their marketing materials that Davidson College does not sponsor the event.   Publicity for their event cannot utilize our marks and marketing materials can basically only say "at Davidson College".  A category of client that has emerged in the last couple of years that has been a good match from a calendar and facility need standpoint has been wealth management and financial planner sessions.  We have not had any issues, but the question has emerged about the college's liability or PR exposure if any of these companies is discovered to be dishonest in their dealings.  For anyone working with these types of groups, do you reference any objective source to determine if they are honest brokers?  More generally, do you do any due diligence for any groups before you rent space to them?  Thanks!

    Richard Terry
    Davidson College
    Director of Auxiliary Services
    Davidson NC
    United States