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    Posted 11-07-2019 11:32
    We are in the process of designing a new dining operation in Downtown NYC. Space is limited, so we need to think about the latest trends in retail dining operations. Has anyone had experience designing a food service operation in a urban setting? Any advice or information would be appreciated.

    Mary Lieto,CASP
    Pace University
    Executive Director of Auxiliary Services
    New York, NY

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    Posted 11-08-2019 10:21

    We have successfully placed the "Avenue C" concept in a couple of locations with small footprints.  It is a managed concept that is run by our vending provider (Canteen).




    Bryan Wilkinson, CASP

    Associate Director of Fiscal Operations

    University of Pennsylvania

    Residential and Hospitality Services

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    Philadelphia, PA 19104-6027

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