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    Posted 06-14-2019 15:29
    Good Day!

     I am looking to touch base with any of our peer institutions who utilize both EMS and Collegiatelink (Campus Labs).  We are starting a process of exploring avenues to utilize these two products (that we currently utilize on campus) to create a central intake and reservation process for ALL events and spaces on campus.

    Our desired outcome is to have a single area that is able to display and or review incoming event requests for content and to look at how many events may be going on at one particular time.   Example - faculty want to schedule a lecture - they input the request into Campus labs and then are able to see that there are already multiple lectures scheduled with in that day/week/month etc.  The other hope for this is for safety, security and consistency in vetting programs and visitors to campus.

    Please feel free to reach out if this sounds familiar or if you have any suggestions for our institution.

    Thank you!


    Suzie Mize
    Assistant Director Auxiliary Enterprises
    Gonzaga University
    Spokane, WA
    NACAS West Board Secretary